Introducing MsgFiler

This 60-second goes over the primary features and benefits of MsgFiler, demonstrating how you can save time over drag and drop filing of your messages in Apple Mail.

Filing Speed Test

This 44-second video compares filing speeds between MsgFiler and dragging and dropping in Apple Mail. MsgFiler finishes filing eighteen messages in twenty seconds, whereas the drag and drop method takes 32 seconds. That’s a 38% increase in filing speed on only a small sampling of messages.

“One of the most useful pieces of software I own; I’m sure it increases my efficiency in dealing with mail by several factors, if not an order of magnitude.”

— Ed Zalta, Stanford University



  1. I believe the speed improvement is much higher than stated on this website, especially when using a lot of sub-mailboxes! Great tool!

  2. Hello,

    Do any of you guys know how to create Archive-Mailboxes hosted on an external volume, so the archived messages will only appear in MAIL (left column) when the volume is mounted/connected?

    Any hints would be much appreciated!



  3. Just upgraded to High Serra Beta and this wonderful App stopped working… any suggestions????

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