MsgFiler Plugin

MsgFiler 3.1.2 Now Available

MsgFiler 3.1.2 was released to the App Store. There are three notable changes:

  1. Compatibility fixes. We resolved an error that was prevent MsgFiler from running on OS X Mavericks.
  2. MsgFiler Engine is now automatically activated in MsgFiler 3 if the OS X Mail plugin is installed. In previous versions of MsgFiler 3, the user had to manually re-activate the use of the MsgFiler Engine plugin in Preferences > Filing if the plugin were somehow disabled by OS X Mail (i.e. an OS update).
  3. Keep MsgFiler Open After Filing is now the default. Apple’s App Store review team rejected our MsgFiler submission unless this preference was changed. For optimal performance, we suggest unchecking this preference so that MsgFiler hides itself after filing a message. The preference is in MsgFiler Preferences > Filing.

In addition to MsgFiler 3.1.2, beta versions of the MsgFiler Engine and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin are now available. These plugins are necessary if you wish to use MsgFiler on OS X Mavericks.