MsgFiler Product Comparison

Here is a table detailing the differences between the various MsgFiler products:

  • MsgFiler 3 Application: The new MsgFiler is an application available on the Mac App Store. It interfaces with Apple Mail via AppleScript and contains many new features over the MsgFiler 2.x Mail Plugin. Learn more about MsgFiler 3 »
  • MsgFiler 2 Mail Plugin: The previous version of MsgFiler was an Apple Mail plugin. It offers less features than MsgFiler 3 but is more integrated into Mail and is compatible with Mac OS 10.5 Leopard. Learn more about MsgFiler Plugin »
  • MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin: An required install for the MsgFiler 3.x Application, this Apple Mail plugin speeds up filing to remote IMAP mailboxes. Learn more about MsgFiler Engine »
MsgFiler 3MsgFiler 3 Application MsgFiler 2 Mail PluginMsgFiler 2 Mail Plugin MsgFiler EngineMsgFiler Engine
Is an Application
Is a Mail Plugin
System Requirements 10.6.6 or higher 10.5 or higher 10.6.6 or higher
Availability Mac App Store
Price $9.99 $10 Free
Requirements MsgFiler Engine
Fast filing to IMAP mailboxes
Fast filing to local mailboxes
Instant reloading of mailboxes n/a
Configurable Shortcut n/a
Open Mailboxes n/a
Move Messages n/a
Copy Messages n/a
Favorites n/a
Recents n/a
Create New Mailboxes n/a
Label Messages n/a
Keep open after filing n/a
Restrict search to selected accounts n/a
Ignore paths when searching n/a
Case-sensitive searching n/a
Exclude mailboxes n/a