MsgFiler Engine Plugin

The MsgFiler Engine is an Apple Mail Plugin that is an required add-on for MsgFiler 3 running on the latest versions of macOS. It speeds up mailbox loading and filing performance to remote IMAP mailboxes

MsgFiler Engine is required to get the best performance out of MsgFiler on Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, and Mountain Lion. While it is highly recommended, if you are running MsgFiler on Snow Leopard or Lion, you do not need to install the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin in order to use MsgFiler.

Download MsgFiler Engine

Which version of MsgFiler Engine you must download depends on which version of MsgFiler you are running. Use this chart to determine which version of the Engine you should download.


There are no betas for the MsgFiler Engine plugin at this time.

macOS Ventura, Monterey, and Big Sur (11.0 and higher)

macOS Mountain Lion through Catalina (10.8.5 through 10.15.7)

MacOS X Snow Leopard through Lion (10.6 through 10.7)

Check the MsgFiler About screen to see which version of MsgFiler 3 you are running.

macOS Ventura, Monterey, Big Sur, Catalina, and Mojave Users

Be sure to read the installation instruction step 9, as you will need to turn on plug-ins within Mail’s Preferences to enable MsgFiler Engine.

Installing the Plugin

MsgFiler Engine is an Apple Mail Plug-In that works with MsgFiler 3. To install MsgFiler Engine, follow these instructions:

  1. Quit the Mail application.
  2. Go to the Finder
  3. Hold the Option key and click on the Go menu
  4. Choose Library
  5. Navigate to the Mail directory in the Library directory
  6. Drag MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle to Bundles folder in the Mail directory. Create the Bundles folder if it does not already exist.
  7. If you have never used or installed a Mail plug-in like MsgFiler Engine, you will need to run the following commands in the Terminal application:If you are using macOS 10.14 or higher, paste and press enter:
sudo defaults write "/Library/Preferences/" EnableBundles 1
defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 4

Note: You will have to enter your Administrator password after the first command.

If you are using OS X 10.7 or higher, paste and press enter:

defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 4

If you are using OS X 10.6/Snow Leopard, paste and press enter:

defaults write EnableBundles -bool true
defaults write BundleCompatibilityVersion 3
  1. Launch Mail.
  2. If you are using macOS 10.14 Mojave or higher, open Mail Preferences
    1. Click Manage Plug-Ins.
    2. Ensure that MsgFiler Engine is checked.
    3. Click Apply and Restart Mail.
  3. Launch MsgFiler.
  4. Open MsgFiler’s Preferences by clicking on the action menu in MsgFiler and choosing Preferences.
  5. Click the Filing tab.
  6. Check Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages.
  7. Close the MsgFiler Preferences window.

MsgFiler is now configured to use the MsgFiler Engine to file your messages.

NOTE #1: When using the MsgFiler Engine, the ability to move the selection up or down will be disabled in favor of Mail’s selection behavior after filing.

Accessibility and Automation

The MsgFiler application from the App Store requires it be able to send AppleScript commands to Mail and control your computer via Accessibility.

  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Click Security & Privacy.
  3. Click Privacy.
  4. Click Accessibility in the left hand sidebar.
  5. If is not check or does not appear in the list on the right, click the + button. If the plus button is grayed out, click the Lock icon in the bottom-right and authenticate.
  6. Check
  7. Click Automation.
  8. If is not check or does not appear in the list on the right, click the + button. If the plus button is grayed out, click the Lock icon in the bottom-right and authenticate.
  9. Check

Removing the Plugin

To remove the MsgFiler Engine Plugin follow these steps:

  1. Quit Mail if it is currently running.
  2. Go to the Finder.
  3. Hold the Option key and click on the Go menu
  4. Choose Library
  5. Open Mail.
  6. Open Bundles.
  7. Move the folder MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle to a new location.
  8. Restart Mail.

NOTE #2: Undo/Redo support is handled by Apple Mail instead of MsgFiler.

Support Questions and Known Issues

I upgraded to El Capitan and filed messages keep reappearing in the original mailbox (Gmail account)!
Did you hide the All Mail folder in Gmail’s web settings? If so, you will need to reveal this mailbox in IMAP for MsgFiler to work properly. See this article on TidBits for more details.
Mail on OS X Mavericks/Mountain Lion has disabled the MsgFiler Engine plugin. Filing is slow again in MsgFiler 3!
Update to MsgFiler 3.1.4 and install the latest version of the MsgFiler Engine
Filing is so slow after upgrading to Mavericks/Mountain Lion/Lion!
Re-install MsgFiler Engine. All Mail plugins are automatically disabled following an upgrade of the operating system.
I’m an old user of the MsgFiler Mail Plugin. Installing MsgFiler Engine makes the original mail plugin disappear.
Install the latest version of MsgFiler Engine to resolve this problem.

Version History

Version 1.0.0 – 2011-02-24
Initial release
Version 1.0.1 – 2011-03-07
Support for MsgFiler 3.0.1
Version 1.0.2 – 2011-03-09
Fixed bug preventing filing of messages to local mailboxes on non-English machines.
Version 1.0.3 – 2011-04-25
Faster loading of mailboxes with MsgFiler 3.0.2
Version 1.0.4 – 2011-06-08
OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility.
Version 1.0.5 – 2011-08-24
OS X 10.7 Lion compatibility.
Version 1.0.6 – 2011-09-08
Compatibility with SpamSieve.
Version 1.0.7 – 2011-10-11
Support for offline accounts.
Version 1.0.8 – 2011-12-27
Compatibility fixes.
Version 1.0.9 – 2012-08-09
Compatibility fixes for OS X 10.7.5.
Version 1.1.0 – 2012-08-01
Support for MsgFiler 3.1.
Version 1.1.1 – 2012-08-06
Compatibility fixes.
Version and 1.1.2 – 2012-09-21
Compatibility fixes for OS X 10.6.8 and latest security update
Version 1.1.3 – 2013-04-18
Compatibility fixes.
Version 1.1.4 – 2013-09-12
Compatibility with OS X 10.8.5.
Version 1.1.5 – 2013-10-21
Compatibility with OS X 10.9.
Version 1.1.6 – 2013-11-08
Compatibility with Mail Update for Mavericks.
Version 1.1.7 – 2013-12-16
Compatibility with OS X 10.9.1.
Version 1.1.8 – 2014-02-25
Compatibility with OS X 10.9.2.
Version 1.1.9 – 2014-05-15
Compatibility with OS X 10.9.3.
Version 1.2.0 – 2014-06-30
Compatibility with OS X 10.9.4.
Version 1.2.1 – 2014-10-20
Compatibility with OS X 10.10.
Version 1.2.2 – 2014-11-17
Compatibility with OS X 10.10.1.
Version 1.2.3 – 2015-01-27
Support for OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite. Fixed bug preventing filing of messages in single message viewers. Mail Perspectives compatibility update.
Version 1.2.4 – 2015-09-30
Support for OS X 10.11.
Version 1.2.5 – 2015-10-21
Support for OS X 10.11.1
Version 1.2.6 – 2015-12-08
Support for OS X 10.11.2
Version 1.2.7 – 2016-03-21
Support for OS X 10.11.4
Version 1.2.8 – 2016-09-08
Support for macOS Sierra 10.12
Version 1.2.9 – 2016-09-30
Support for macOS Sierra 10.12.1
Version 1.3.0 – 2016-12-13
Support for macOS Sierra 10.12.2
Version 1.3.1 – 2016-03-27
Support for macOS Sierra 10.12.4
Version 1.3.2 – 2017-09-25
Support for macOS High Sierra 10.13
Version 1.3.3 – 2018-09-24
Support for macOS Mojave 10.14
Version 1.4.0 – 2019-10-11
Support for macOS Catalina 10.15
Version 1.4.1 – 2020-05-04
Support for macOS Catalina 10.15.5
Version 1.5.0 – 2020-11-10
Support for macOS Big Sur 11.0
Version 1.5.1 – 2020-11-19
Support for macOS Big Sur 11.1
Version 1.5.2 – 2020-11-25
Support for M1 Macs
Version 1.6.0 – 2021-10-04
Support macOS Monterey 12.0
Version 1.6.1 – 2021-12-07
Support macOS Monterey 12.1


  1. msgfiler engine doesn’t seem to work – even though I installed the plugin, msgfiler still says it is not installed.

    1. You need to check Enable access for assistive devices in Universal Access System Preferences for this to work. I’ll make this more clear in the documentation and on the app in the next release.

    1. Yes, MsgFiler Engine requires MsgFiler to be running. MsgFiler app does not require MsgFiler Engine to work. It’s just there in case you want faster filing to remote IMAP mailboxes.

  2. It doesn’t seem to work: the message is reported as “filed” but it remains in the original mailbox. If I disable the “Use MsgFiler Engine…” option, it works. Assistive devices access is enabled and MsgFiler is running.

    1. Same here. Assistive devices access is enabled, MsgFiler is running, removed the original MsgFiler Plugin mail bundle from bundles. Message is reported as “filed” but it remains in the original mailbox.

  3. G’day Adam,

    I suggest that you add a script to the installer to enable assistive devices (or to the app when choosing the option to use the plugin) and to remove the “old” plugin…..

    It is a pity that you have to go for this kind of clunky workaround – I hope that Apple loosens the rules on plugins so that you can make it a properly integrated experience!

  4. I bought the new version because I’m a long-time user and want to support development. That said, I’m going to continue to use my old plug-in as long as it works. Thanks for jumping through the Apple hoops though Adam and keeping this invaluable tool available.

  5. I have submitted MsgFiler 3.0.1 to the Mac App Store. It features a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, such as MUCH faster loading and creation of mailboxes. Spell Catcher compatibility is there and fixed bugs related to the use of the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin. Stay tuned for when the app is available to update from the Mac App Store.

  6. “Enable access for assistive devices must be checked in the Universal Access pane of System Preferences.” -> Can’t find this, as my system language is German and all sorts of trying to translate this failed… Screenshot?

  7. I am using the old version of MsgFiler now. If I upgrade to version 3, is it the case that I will have to accept either an icon in the dock or an icon in the status bar? Can I run version 3 headless, like version 2?

  8. John – You can turn off both via MsgFiler’s preferences. you should, however, install the MsgFIler Engine mail plugin to get the same performance of the original plugin in the new app.

    1. Download 1.0.8, which works in 10.7.3. OS X updates routinely disable all Mail plugins. I typically have a new release of the Engine plugin at the same time the OS update comes out.

  9. I just tried re-downloading 1.0.8 with 10.7.3 and it isn’t working. Keeps complaining that an unsupported plug in was found and disabled.

  10. I’m having trouble here too with 10.7.3. I reinstalled and it works for a bit, then crashes and freezes up mail.

    1. Check MsgFiler preferences and set Preferences / Filing / Label filed messages to None. Also make sure that Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages is checked.

    2. It looks like that did the trick! Thank you Adam. Your product is outstanding and makes my life better every day.

  11. Yes, but the new MsgFiler Engine requires MsgFiler 3.1 (and vice versa), which I’m waiting to get approved on the Mac App Store.

  12. No Mail directory in the Library directory. I tried instead the Mail directory in the Applications folder but without success. Any hint?
    It is not critical since, without the engine, it is still working pretty fast.
    Thanks for a very helpful app !
    Regards, Lalo

  13. Just upgraded to latest version = mistake. Since there was nothing wrong, I shouldn’t have touched it. Now it’s moving messages slowly again (even with engine installed and “checked” in preferences). Basically, takes about 5-10 seconds per message to move now.

    I deleted, new mail bundle, and all preference files. Installed old version I had in time machine backup and reverted old mail bundle. Fast again.


    1. Other users have been reporting this problem. It hadn’t come up in my debugging. Were you trying to file to local or remote mailboxes? Did you notice the slowdown with one or both methods?

  14. If the checkbox Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages is disabled, turn on access for assistive devices in System Preference / Accessibility temporarily.

    MsgFiler 3 should need this checkbox set, and I’ll fix this bug in the next point release (3.1.1).

  15. Using Snow Leopard, I installed 3.1 and the latest MsgFiler Engine. When I click on Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages I’m told that MFE isn’t installed. But it is in the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles folder and access for assistive devices is enabled.

  16. I have the same problem as Danny. I’m also using Snow Leopard and 3.1 and have used Terminal with the command lines as you instructed. After clicking the checkbox to use MsgFiler, a dialog tells me that MsgFiler Engine is not installed. But it is. Here is the path:
    The MsgFiler Engine shows up as a Unix Executable File as the only item in the MacOS directory.

  17. Thanks for your prompt response, Adam. It solved my problem. As you instructed, I installed MsgFiler 3.0.5 and MsgFiler Engine 1.0.9, and that combination did the trick. MsgFiler is working beautifully now under Snow Leopard.

  18. I did a system update today to 10.7.5 which disabled MsgFiler. I tried to put it back into the Bundles folder but kept getting the same error message:

    “Incompatible Plug-ins Disabled
    Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:


    Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 5.3 and Message 5.3.”

    What can I do? I can’t live without MsgFiler for long! 😉

  19. I downloaded MsgFiler Engine today. “MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle” shows up as a folder rather than as a package. Shouldn’t the bundle bit be set like other mail plugins I’ve seen (e.g., MailTags, Mail ActOn, etc.)?

  20. OSX 10.8.2, MsgFiler 3.1 + Engine 1.1.2 extremely slow on IMAP remote accounts. Even with spinning pizzas, almost unusable 😦

    1. This will be fixed in MsgFiler 3.1.1, which is currently stuck in Apple’s approval process (they are complaining about something they never complained about before in previous versions of the app). Hopefully, the review board will approve it quickly. Stay tuned and be patient!

    1. The MsgFiler Engine DOES NOT auto-update. You can look at the current version number in the Message menu of Mail. This only applies to the Mountain Lion version of MsgFiler Engine 1.1.2.

      Note: Many times after an OS X update, you’ll have to download a new version of the Engine for compatibility purposes. I usually have new versions of the Engine out on the same day as the OS X point release updates.

  21. Any ETA on the engine for Mail 6.6 that was released today (9/12/13). I rely on MsgFiler all day. Looking forward to the update.

  22. The 1.1.4 engine when downloaded contains a bundle dated 6/27/13, not 9/12/13. Is this the correct version, properly updated for 10.8.5?

  23. Yes that’s the correct version I usually don’t release the final version until the OS X release is actually available for the public. 1.1.4 was just lying in wait since June. On the other hand, the Mavericks beta required some reworking so I have a beta of that plugin out before the final GM of 10.9.

  24. 1.1.4 seems to be having some problems with 10.8.5 (or it could be an issue with But, in any event, I’m finding that I move messages, and they appear to move, but when switching mailboxes or quitting and reopening mail, all the messages that I had moved, reappear in the inbox. Same behavior on two separate machines…

  25. Installed Mavericks GM and the 1.1.5b7 engine, but Mail 7.0 keeps disabling it every time I try to restart after reinstalling the bundle. Is there something else I need to do to get this to work?

  26. Hi Adam

    Apple just released a new GM build (13A603), which breaks the plugin (because of a new version).

    Hoping for at quick update once again 🙂


  27. MsgFiler stopped recognizing the Filer engine today. Completely removed and reinstalled both MsgFiler AND the latest version of the engine. MsgFiler continues to believe that I don’t have the Engine installed….and of course as a result is very slow.

    Running OS X 10.8.5 and mail 6.6(1510). I don’t know why this started happening, but I can’t stand dealing with email without a speed MsgFiler. Please help!

  28. Clicking on the “Download MsgFiler Engine 1.1.5” does not download “MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle.” Instead, it downloads “MsgFilerEngine115.dmg.” Not sure what to do here..

  29. Just downloaded message filer for the first time. 10.9/3.1.2. I followed the instructions for downloading and installing the engine. Do dice. Every time I click “Use Engine” it tells me that the Engine isn’t installed. It is. I have run the terminal program. At the moment the filer runs–very slowly–but it doesn’t remove the messages from my “inbox.” Please advise.

    1. Scratch that. I didn’t realize that the downloaded engine had to double click on the dmg file and drag THAT to the library. Everything working now. And it’s pretty darn amazing. This is going to make life better. Period.

  30. Dan: I am looking into a problem some people are having getting Mail plugins to be recognized in the first place by Mavericks Mail. Stay tuned for a resolution.

  31. Adam, performance seems to be very slow now that I installed Mavericks. Any reason for this? Will there be an update released soon? I do have the latest engine installed, version 3.1.2 build 25.

    1. Can you confirm that the Engine is actually installed and activated?

      If so, MsgFiler’s title bar will read MsgFiler + Engine

      Can you describe how performance is slow? Are you seeing messages disappear after filing, reappearing, and disappearing after a few seconds? If so, this is a Mavericks issue currently, not a MsgFiler one.

  32. Hi – As of the Nov. 8 Mail update the plugin is no longer recognized. It was disabled on the first restart of Mail. Downloaded and reinstalled the plugin. Mail doesn’t complain about it and it doesn’t get moved to the Bundles (Disabled) folder, it simply doesn’t work. Seems as though it’s just ignored/not recognized. Great product btw – thanks for all the ongoing effort!

    1. Indeed – I tried this morning and it didn’t seem to work. Just started over, grabbed a fresh version and now it’s fine. Likely user error due to lack of coffee earlier. Thanks!

  33. Love the program…I have been using it since first offered 🙂

    Messages filing extremely slow..

    I Now have MsgFiler 3.1.2 installed on Mavericks 10.9.1 Trying to install the Msgfiler 1.1.7 engine..

    I cannot get the terminal to accept the 2 commands..

    Need help!

  34. I just loaded Mail 7.1 and it removed the MsgFiler plug-in. I depend heavily on MsgFiler. Do you have an update to handle this? Please?

  35. Adam, I’ve been using msgfiler since early in 2011 and don’t know how to get by without it. Just updated my desktop to Yosemite and figured I’d pay for a new license to install the latest version (I’m not sure what version I was running on Mavericks). But I’d like to know first, have you tested it with MailPerspectives? I’ve always run them both, but you had to go to a lot of trouble to get them running simultaneously on my MacBook last year.

  36. Still working well after El Capitan 10.11.2 update with the beta engine plug-in. I’m sure the non-beta version is days away. Best money I’ve spent on a mail plug-in. Thanks for the hard work Adam.

  37. Hi Adam,
    for some reason MsgFiler is not running anymore. Cannot “start” the App, Mail says that Plugin 1.2.7 is installed. When I “run” the App from /Applications it doesn’t show the icon in the Menu-Bar and “activity” doesn’t show the process running.
    Any idea? How do I delete and re-install the App?

  38. Hi!

    First, MsgFiler (with MsgFiler Engine) is just great, fits into my archiving system really nice and it speeds things up like no other tool.

    I am currently testing Mojave with Mail version 12.0 (3445.100.17) and MsgFiler Engine is not loaded (?) by Mail.

    MsgFiler says that the engine is not installed although I went through all the steps.

    How can I help to get it working?



    1. MsgFiler isn’t quite ready for Mojave Mail. Apple has made a number of changes to how plugins load (and stay loaded). I’m still working on getting things to install properly.

      1. Hi Adam,

        Thanks for the feedback, I will wait then.

        If you need an extra tester, just say so.



  39. Hi Adam,

    I have tried MsgFiler Engine 1.3.3 Beta 1 on a macOS 10.14 (18A389) but I get the message “Incompatible Plug-ins disabled” after “Enable and restart Mail” for MsgFilerEngine bundle.

    What can I do?



      1. Hi Adam,

        It seems to be working, I will continue using/testing and I’ll give you feedback if I find an issue.



  40. Hello. I just installed the bundle for Mojave. What is the keystroke for moving a selected Mail? In preferences it appears to be CMD+SHiFT M, but that keystroke is being used by Mail itself to open and close the mailboxes panel. Thanks.

      1. I see what I was doing wrong. It’s been a while since I used MsgFiler. I updated the bundle today. I guess the main app has not been upgraded for a few years, right?

        Anyway, I needed to use CMD+9 to actually invoke MsgFiler. Then, as you say, just hitting return gets it into the selected mailbox.


      2. I am working on a small update to the app to bring Dark Mode support to MsgFiler 3. Because I am using the Engine, the app hasn’t needed an update for some time. Glad you have it working again.


      3. Hello. I had need to restart my Mac this morning. After doing that the CMD +9 short key didn’t work. I manually opened MsgFiler and after that I was able to use the short key. What should I do to make sure it’s working when I restart my Mac? Thanks.

  41. Thanks for the great work, msgFiler is a cornerstone of my e-mail management. Thanks for updating the engine to work with Mojave. Any plans to update so it can work in dark mode?

  42. Hello, are there any updates on MsgFiler support for Catalina? Only when I ‘lost’ the functionality as a result of the upgrade yesterday I learned how deeply embedded the functionality is in my daily use of Mail …

    1. The plugins have been updated for 10.15.5 (currently in beta). If you continue to have problems installing them, email me and we’ll troubleshoot.

      1. I updated to 10.15.5. this night, and the “original” plug in did not work anylonger. Then I downloaded the newest version (2.4.1) like all the years before, but it seems, that it does not get active? Any idea?

      2. Did you remember to activate the plugin by going into Mail Preferences > Manage Plug-ins and checking the checkbox? Then, restart Mail and see if it works?

        Sent from my iPad


  43. Hi Adam, I downloaded the latest Engine and it works fine. Strangely, the search function in mail no longer works, but I can’t tell if this is related to updating Catalina or adding the Engine. Any thoughts?

    1. Make sure the Engine is installed properly by activating it in the Manage Plug-ins section of Mail Preferences. If active, MsgFiler’s titlebar will read “MsgFiler + Engine”.


  44. I’ve recently installed the Engine v.1.5.2 on Big Sur 11.1. When I activate “Ignore mailbox path when matching” (which is super useful!) I can no longer search for the “main” folders: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash (or Deleted Items), or Archive. I can still search for sub-folders in those folders, but not the parent folders. When I disable “Ignore mailbox path when matching” then I can search for the main/parent folders just fine. Interestingly, I can search for my personal/custom parent folders that have sub-folders just fine with the option enabled.

  45. Hello Adam,

    One more time, thanks for the time you have saved me by bringing MsgFiler to life 🙂

    Any comments on support for Monterey?



    1. Nothing to announce now, but I will try to get MsgFiler Engine and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin working on Monterey. As you may have heard, Apple announced that Mail plugins will be deprecated at some point. Their new MailKit framework is not as extensive as what Mail plugin developers are used to, so a MailKit compatible version of MsgFiler may have to wait until MailKit 2.0 is available. Stay tuned!

    1. I’m still working on a Monterey version of the plugins. Should be out before the final release of Monterey. Past that, all bets are off, since Apple has decided to deprecate the Mail plugin framework we’re using in favor of MailKit.

      1. Thanks for your continued work. I hadn’t understood that the plugin framework was still present in Monterey — good to know we can kick the can down the road on this a bit.

      1. I ran a quick test of MsgFiler Engine 1.7.0 and it seemed to work just fine on Ventura Version 13.0 Beta (22A5342f). Hopefully any changes/updates for the GA release of Ventura are minimal. Thanks!

  46. Hello,
    First I would like to thank you for this brilliant tool, I can’t express more how this fixes a lot of annoying stuff with Mac Mail for me.
    I’ve two inquiries:
    1- How to change the keyboard shortcut, e.g. show mailbox
    2- The name of the new creat mailbox “Command+Shift+N” includes the path, can we fix this to get the name only?

    Thank you once more.

    1. There’s no way to change the keyboard shortcut for showing a mailbox. It remains Command-O. For the new mailbox, have you tried creating a Top-Level Mailbox with Command-Option-Control-N? The Command-Shift-N creates a new sub-mailbox underneath an existing mailbox. It normally shouldn’t append the path to the mailbox if you’re using a mail server like gmail. What kind of mail server are you using?

      1. Thanks, for your elaboration. I’m using the office exchange server email. The Command-Shift-N is what I’m looking for, to create a new mailbox underneath the selected mailbox. However, it’s making the mailbox with the full path as the mailbox name.

  47. Sorry about that. Use the Keyboard shortcuts pane in System Preferences to assign a keyboard shortcut to Mail’s native new mailbox function. This will display Mail’s dialog for creating a new mailbox, which you can use in place of MsgFiler’s.

    1. Thanks, Now I get your proposed solution. It works for creating and new Mailbox not related to the current search result, however, my intention was to create and new Mailbox as a child to the selected location.

      1. You can use MsgFiler to open the mailbox… then follow-up with the New Mailbox keyboard shortcut you defined to create a mailbox in the desired location. You could also use something like Keyboard Maestro to automate that even further so you don’t have to press multiple keyboard shortcuts at the same time.

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