This is the support page for MsgFiler 3. If you have questions about the MsgFiler 2.x Mail Plugin or the MsgFiler Engine, visit their respective pages or view this product comparison chart.

Users of macOS Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite should install the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin for optimum performance with MsgFiler 3.


Read the MsgFiler 3 documentation to learn how to use, configure and get the most out of MsgFiler 3.

System Requirements

MsgFiler 3.1.4 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later.

Users of MsgFiler 3.1 on Lion and Snow Leopard should use MsgFiler 3.0.5 instead, in addition to MsgFiler Engine, for the best possible performance.


MsgFiler is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.

Other Products

MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin

The MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin is an optional install for MsgFiler 3 that greatly increases filing performance in MsgFiler 3. It’s highly recommended to use MsgFiler 3 with MsgFiler Engine.

Learn More About MsgFiler Engine

Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin

The previous version of MsgFiler was an Apple Mail Plugin. If you are a current user of the MsgFiler Mail Plugin, learn about the differences between the plugin and the MsgFiler application here.

View a comparison chart detailing the feature set of MsgFiler 3, MsgFiler 2 and MsgFiler Engine.

Known Issues and Status

Below is a list of known issues with MsgFiler and the current status on resolving them. If you are runninga previous version of MsgFiler, make sure you upgrade to the latest version, as it brings numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.

On macOS Sierra, the MsgFiler windows appears after a restart, even though I have the Hide app checked in my Login Items.
This is a known issue. Hope to have it resolved in the next update of the MsgFiler application on the Mac App Store.

I upgraded to Mavericks and filed messages keep reappearing in the original mailbox (Gmail account)!

Did you hide the All Mail folder in Gmail’s web settings? If so, you will need to reveal this mailbox in IMAP for MsgFiler to work properly. See this article on TidBits for more details.
I upgraded to MsgFiler 3.1.3 and MsgFiler stays open after filing!
Apple made us change the default preference so that MsgFiler stays open after filing a message. To change this back, uncheck Keep MsgFiler Open After Filing in MsgFiler Preferences > Filing.
I upgraded to MsgFiler 3.1 and Engine 1.1 and filing is still slow!
If you are running Mountain Lion, upgrade to MsgFiler 3.1.3 and use the latest version of the MsgFiler Engine. If you are on Lion or Snow Leopard, use MsgFiler 3.0.5 instead, in addition to MsgFiler Engine, for the best possible performance.
Creating mailboxes using MsgFiler in Exchange results in error messages.
This is a known issue. If you use MsgFiler with an Exchange account, it is recommend that you create new mailboxes using Mail’s built-in New Mailbox command instead of MsgFiler.
The checkbox to activate the Engine is grayed out.
Enable access for assistive devices in the Accessibility pane of System Preferences. This bug will be fixed in the next version of MsgFiler.
Where did the Start At Login option go?
It’s been temporarily removed due to App Sandbox restrictions. This feature will come back in a future release of MsgFiler 3.
The select next/previous message options no longer works in MsgFiler 3.
App sandbox restrictions have caused this feature to break. Install the MsgFiler Engine to resolve this problem (and get better performance).
I am running MsgFiler on Mountain Lion/Lion, and filing multiple messages is much slower than it used to be.
There is a bug in Lion Mail which causes MsgFiler to file each message individually instead of as a group. Until Lion Mail resolves this problem, you can install the MsgFiler Engine 1.1 to speed up filing. This bug has been filed with Apple for future resolution.
When using Mail in full-screen mode on Lion, invoking MsgFiler switches spaces.
In MsgFiler Preferences check Hide Dock Icon. This will allow MsgFiler to work in Mail in full-screen mode, albeit at the loss of MsgFiler’s icon in the Dock (and Application Switcher).
I’m installed MsgFiler Engine, but filing is still slow.
In MsgFiler Preferences / Filing, make sure Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages is checked. Also set the Label filed messages drop-down menu to None.
After loading mailboxes, nothing appears in the mailbox list.
Press the space bar to see the list of mailboxes. This will be fixed in a future release of MsgFiler.
I have 4000+ mailboxes, and loading mailboxes still takes 30 seconds.
Installing and setting MsgFiler 3 to use the MsgFiler Engine will speed up mailbox loading.
Mailbox loading continues forever.
Do you have any mailboxes that contain the ~ or & character? Try renaming these mailboxes to not include these characters.
I can’t create a mailbox underneath a mailbox whose name contains accents or other non-ASCII characters.
Known issue. There appears to be a bug in Mail’s AppleScript dictionary that prevents the creation of mailboxes underneath mailboxes that contain non-ASCII characters. This bug has been reported to Apple.
Mailbox whose names contain quotes do not appear properly in mailbox list.
Known issue. Currently, there is no workaround other than removing quotes from the mailbox name.
I haven’t purchased MsgFiler or I am trying to update MsgFiler, but the Mac App Store says it’s installed.
Try rebuilding your LaunchServices database by running the following command in the Terminal application (located in your /Applications/Utilities folder). Copy and paste the text below and press Enter/Return. Wait until the command is finished before trying to purchase MsgFiler from the App Store:

/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

Version History

Version 3.0 – Released 2011-02-27
Initial release.
Version 3.0.1 – Released 2011-03-10
Compatibility with Spell Catcher. Faster loading and creating of new mailboxes. Improved MsgFiler Engine support. Lower memory usage. Shortcut now works only in Apple Mail. Bug fixes.
Version 3.0.2 – Released 2011-04-25
Bug fixes. Better memory usage. Selection in mailbox list does not shift after filing. Fixed bug where mailbox names might be improperly truncated. Faster loading of mailboxes when using MsgFiler Engine. Fixed bug causing MsgFiler to switch to discrete graphics on certain MacBook Pro laptops. When no mailboxes are matched, the count says 0 instead of the previous mailbox count. Mailbox list updates after adding or removing excluded mailboxes. Notifies the user when trying to create a mailbox underneath a mailbox that contains non-ASCII characters. There is a bug in Mail’s AppleScript support that prevents the creation of new mailboxes underneath these kinds of mailboxes.
Version 3.0.3 – Released 2011-06
Compatibility with Mac OS X Lion. Note there is a bug in Lion Mail which causes MsgFiler to file each message individually instead of as a group. Until Lion Mail resolves this problem, you can install the optional MsgFiler Engine 1.0.4 to speed up filing. This bug has been filed with Apple.
Version 3.0.4 – Released 2011-07
Minor bug fixes.
Version 3.1 – Released 2012-08
Mountain Lion support. Enabled Mac App Store. Works with MsgFiler Engine 1.1 or higher.
Version 3.1.1 – Released 2012-10
Requires OS X Mountain Lion. Speed up filing on Mountain Lion. Users of MsgFiler 3.1 on Snow Leopard and Lion should now use this version of MsgFiler 3.0.5 alongside MsgFiler Engine
Version 3.1.2 – Released 2013-07
Compatibility fixes. MsgFiler Engine is automatically enabled if the plugin is installed in OS X Mail. Changed default to keep MsgFiler open after filing (as per Apple’s App Store review guidelines).
Version 3.1.3 – Released 2014-01
MsgFiler disables automatic graphics switching to improve battery life on Mac laptops that have dual graphics chips (integrated and discrete).
Version 3.1.4 – Released 2014
Compatibility updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Show All

What is MsgFiler?
MsgFiler is a fast keyboard-based filing application that saves you time organizing your messages in Apple Mail. Watch a one-minute product video on MsgFiler.
Why do I need MsgFiler?
If you file messages to a lot of mailboxes, MsgFiler will save you time. Watch this filing comparison video to see MsgFiler go head-to-head against drag and drop in Apple Mail.
Where can I buy MsgFiler?
MsgFiler 3.0 is available exclusively from the Mac App Store.
How much faster is MsgFiler over dragging and dropping?
Tests conducted with new MsgFiler users have shown a 38% increase in filing speed. With practice, your filing speed can increase even higher.
MsgFiler is slow to file messages to remote mailboxes.
Install the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin for faster filing performance.
I have the original plugin version of MsgFiler. How do I remove it?
To remove the MsgFiler Mail Plugin follow these steps:

  1. Quit Mail if it is currently running.
  2. Go to the Finder.
  3. Open your Home folder by pressing Command-Shift-h.
  4. Open Library.
  5. Open Mail.
  6. Open Bundles.
  7. Move the folder MsgFilerPlugIn.mailbundle to a new location.
  8. Restart Mail.
Will you continue to update the MsgFiler 2.x plugin when Mac OS X updates are released?
Why Mac App Store Only?
The Mac App Store will provide a level of scale and support that I cannot handle distributing the application on my own. This may change in the future, but for now, MsgFiler 3 will be exclusive to the Mac App Store.
MsgFiler is crashing.
Send the crash log for MsgFiler, located at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/ to support (at)

Ask a Question

Got a support question about MsgFiler? Post it in the comments section below or send email to support (at) msgfiler (dot) com.



  1. Too bad MsgFiler won’t be available for purchase except through the Mac App store. Some of us wish Apple wasn’t trying to control everything.

    1. Agree with Bill. I wouldn”t have found it either. Never heard of it until I saw it listed under “featured.”

  2. Things may change in the future, but I’m hoping that Apple provides a level of scale that I’m unable to support by distributing it myself. I added your question to the FAQ section above.

    1. Store lists it as $9.99; everyone else says it is $5! Which is it? Also, is there an upgrade price for current users of the plugin? If so, how does one get that? The Apple Store seems to be blind to upgrade/update price discounts…

    2. Henry – MsgFiler 3 was available on the App Store initially at an intro price of $4.99. I raised it after three weeks with the launch of 3.0.1 at $9.99. I may periodically do sales for MsgFiler, but I don’t have any upcoming at the moment.

      If the plugin is still working for you, I’d keep using it. I’ll continue to support it through Lion.

    3. In the same vein as the reply to Henry: “Henry – If the plugin is still working for you, I’d keep using it. I’ll continue to support it through Lion.”

      I’m curious if Lion support for the plugin is still forthcoming and if there is a seasonal timeframe for which we can look forward to it. Thanks for any insight.

  3. Purchased it today, via Apple Store. Enormous potential. Great.

    However, every time I launch the application, it takes several minutes and a massive processing power to get the mailbox list available.

    “Loading mailbox list” with a spinning wheel…

    Granted, I have almost 2000 mailboxes, but the previous version (plug-in) was working like a breeze…

    Any hope of improvement ?

    1. There is hope for improvement. The current implementation retrieves the mailboxes via AppleScript, which as you can see, is slow when processing 2000 mailboxes. I have an idea of fixing this, so stay tuned.

  4. Same problem with 1400 mailboxes. Also the actual moving of a message to its chosen box seems to be slower.
    Nice possibilities added, thanks!
    Mixed feelings with the tight Apple grips, which in this case seem to have produced difficulties in a product that functioned fabulous in version 2.

    1. Completely understand that there are tradeoffs between the app and plugin. Over time, I hope to get the app to be identical functionally with the plugin. I’ll be working on speeding up loading of mailboxes.

  5. If I add a new folder at top level named “msgfiler”, the folder immediately shows up in the list of folders.

    But if I set the name as “Clients/msgfiler”, then the mailbox is created properly in my ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Clients folder, but it doesn’t show up in the Clients folder in the list of folders.

    Even after several restarts

    Msgfiler can use it and send messages to it, but it’s not in my list of folders in

    Do you know what I need to do to get that list updated so I can see it?


  6. @Randy – What’s happening is that MsgFiler is creating a folder with the name of “Clients/msgfiler” as opposed to creating a subfolder called “msgfiler” under the “Clients” folder.

    What happens when you type “Clients/msgfiler” in MsgFiler and press Command-o to open the folder? Do you see it selected in

  7. aha…the folder is all the way at the end of the list in the folders of…it’s in the correct Clients parent folder, just not alphabetized like it should be.

    Msgfiler is definitely creating a .mbox file of the correct name in the correct Clients folder in my mailboxes folder.

    And now we know it’s there in…so sorting the sub-mailboxes after creating would appear to be the issue.

  8. I’m still new at MsgFiler 3, so I could be missing some points, but here are the rough bits so far:

    – Cmd-] doesn’t want to get me back to “move” after I go to “show” or “copy”. Cmd- helps, though.

    – Doing “show” changes the default away from “move”. Again, cmd- fixes it, but I’m surprised the default changes.

  9. Hi Ben,

    Just upgraded to the latest build from the app store. I had a couple of questions on the development of the new app:

    1. I like the idea that you can restrict search to the current account. The only problem is I mainly work in Smart Mailboxes where the account of the email is not recognised. Is there any fix for this in the future?

    2. Is there anyway to set a one-key shortcut (such as just ‘V’ like in Gmail?

    Finally I noticed that MsgFiler is working through a lot of memory at the moment (140+ MB) and my only concern is that if this is always the case it may be overkill if I have to constantly shut it down when Mail is not in use.


  10. There’s scant support for Smart Mailboxes in AppleScript, so that feature might be difficult to implement.

    Working on a rev of MsgFiler which should lower the memory footprint. Is the 140MB real memory or virtual memory?

  11. @Jim – I think it’s a UI bug where the default button doesn’t update after losing focus in MsgFiler. I’ll look into it.

    The way it’s implemented, Command-[, ], and are mapped to Show, Copy and Move.

  12. Adam,
    The quick file feature (accessed by pressing 0-9 and the Fn key does not work for those of us that don’t have a Fn key. Since there are a number of us (with iMacs, or 3rd party) that do not have keyboards with a function key it would be nice to be able to reassign that to some other combo (e.g., 0-9 and opt-cmd, ctrl-opt, etc…). Pretty cool for all those MB and MBP users though!

    The esc key option to clear the search field seems to sometimes close the window and other times to clear the field (no matter which way it is set).

    The one very annoying feature I have found is that it list ALL my mailboxes when the search field is empty.

    I do like most all the new features though!

  13. @John – If focus is on the mailbox results view, pressing escape will close MsgFiler. If in the search field, the preference determines the behavior.

    Will look into alternate key commands for the 0-9 quick file keys.

  14. great utility, made my email finally organized. only problem – I’ve just installed the Lion (10.7) beta, which didn’t work with the old MsgFiler plugin. the new version seems to react, but it won’t move the mail messages. ideas?

    1. Lion is still relatively new, so I’m not surprised they are problems with the current release. Stay tuned for more details.

  15. Hi Adam

    Is learning support on the roadmap? The thing I still miss most (coming from Nostalgy on Thunderbird), is that I always have to do extra typing to uniquely identify a commonly used folder, over a similarly named folder which I almost never use.

    For instance: I might have a folder called Cats, which I rarely use, and another called Cats & Dogs, which I frequently use. Cats & Dogs will never appear at the top of the list of folders once I start typing. The problem gets worse when more, similar folders are added.

    The problem is not so much the extra typing, as the potential for mis-filing.

    1. @Paolo – Recents and favorites was the first step to adding more intelligence to the filing system. The more you file to Cats & Dogs, the higher it will appear on your list of folders when you type in the future. You can also assign it as a favorite to pin it to the top.

  16. I tend to agree with your correspondents who don’t see the advantage of an app over a plug-in. And in fact I’m instantly having a problem with the app: it quits as soon as I use it, or navigate away from Mail. I installed it yesterday, and it seemed to work fine. When I went to invoke it this morning with command-9, it wasn’t running – checked in System Prefs and it’s certainly there as a log-in item. Opened it manually, used it, then next thing I knew, it had quit again! Progress!!

    1. I’ve been seeing a few reports of MsgFiler quitting mysteriously and will be tracking this down. Normally, it should not just quit on its own.

  17. Hi,

    purchased MsgFiler and it is great.
    It would be very helpful if the shortcut used to trigger it wouldn’t require two keys. Take a look at Postbox2 implementation. There it is the letter “v” and it is only valid when there are messages selected.
    It would be great if you could find a way.

  18. I was too quick to give MsgFiler a 5 star review – but I’ll leave it there because I know it will live up to it.

    Right now it’s a little buggy. The menu item doesn’t always go away in other apps per the preference setting and it hesitates a lot. Way slower than 2.0 – even with the optional plugin!

    It didn’t start on login either (presumably because Mail wasn’t running yet). It’s in my accounts login items but I still had to launch it manually after a reboot.

  19. I’ve been a long time user of MsgFiler (great plug-in!). Just bought MsgFiler 3 on the App Store and now find out it does not work at all. I gather that is because I have Spell Catcher installed?

  20. MsgFiler completely catapulted my productivity. But this new app is killing me — I have thousands of folders and the “Loading mailbox list” is so slow that it renders the app non-functional. Adam, please help! MsgFiler is one of the best tools available, and I’m looking forward to using the new app as I used the old plugin . . . Thanks!

  21. I just bought a copy online – but it’s crashing all the time. what to do? I have the latest operating sys, etc.

  22. Just upgraded to v3. Overall, very nice!

    One thing: I used the shortcut command-S before. In v3, the shortcut is global, so, e.g., trying to save a document in a text editor now brings up the MsgFiler dialog instead. Is there a way to make the shortcut specific to the Mail application again?

    1. Hmm, odd, but when I restarted MsgFiler, this behaviour changed. It now works correctly – the keyboard shortcut only applies when is in focus.

  23. How can I buy multiple copies for my business. We have several Mac users and need to buy from one company account .. not have to setup AppStore on every MAC which is not possible. Please sell MSGFiler directly or find a way of selling a group license.

    1. @Eoin – I’m looking into how to do this. As you pointed out, the App Store doesn’t make this easy. I may have to provide a version of the app that’s outside the App Store. Stay tuned.

  24. Adam,

    Is there any way to have MsgFiler open and close when opens and closes, like SpamSieve does? Spamsieve is a mail bundle and app combination, and I believe the spamsieve.mailbundle is responsible for launching and closing the app as is launching or shutting down.

    This would be more useful than launching the app when I log into my machine (seldom do this) or starting up the machine (seldom).


  25. It’s unfortunate that MsgFiler has taken a pretty significant step backwards in the AppStore version, Adam. Not only is the Cmd+9 “shortcut” now “global” (which isn’t useful at all), and there’s an icon on my menu bar that isn’t useful and takes up space, but the application itself is slower and less convenient.

    I hope you are able to address this eventually, but for now I think you’ve had to compromise too much to get this in the MAS… and your application has suffered for it.

    1. I’ll admit that there are some rough edges to the 3.0 release, but 3.0.1 is shaping up nicely to resolve many of the performance problems people have been seeing. In the meantime, if you want, you can reinstall the plugin. Make sure you remove MsgFilerEngine from the Mail/Bundles folder first.

      Better days are coming ahead. Thanks for your patience during this transition time.

  26. Anybody else having this problem: Despite knowing that this version is slow (and thus being patient), when I hit return to file a message in another folder, it sends TWO messages: the one I wanted and the next one in line.

  27. I’m getting used to the new version. Cmd-O is a very good thing, and cmd-option-O is changing my habits. (I have several hundred mail folders, many in directories and sub-directories; leaving the directories open makes the list of visible folders way too long, but with cmd-option-O I can just close the window when I’m done.)

  28. Feature request (after the other teething issues are sorted out): Option to save a log of messages filed.

    Time stamp of when filed, from where, to where, and some minimal identification of the message (eg, the sent/received dates & trimmed info from the from, to and subject lines).

    The point being to make it easier to locate if something recent got misfiled through user error.

  29. Looks interesting… But the videos you have on your site seem to be some sort of ‘anti-marketing’—they provide no insight into what exactly this application does nor how it operates.
    I’ve been able to glean a vague idea of what MsgFiler does. But if you get around to posting a narrated video that explains clearly what the app does, and how it might fit in with users’ Mail work flow, then I might investigate further.
    Heroically poor communication design.

  30. Back when it was shareware, I could undo a move by pressing command-Z… now it can’t undo moves. Please bring back undo. Thanks.

    1. Undo/Redo is handled as follows:

      If you are using MsgFiler with the MsgFiler Engine, undo/redo is handled by Mail.

      If you are using just MsgFiler, undo/redo is handled by MsgFiler itself. Just navigate back to MsgFiler, and press command-z. It might take a little time, as MsgFiler has to do some extra work to undo its operation. I’ll be adding better history/logging in the future to speed this up.

    2. Thanks for clarifying the undo feature… now I have another dumb question: what’s the difference between MsgFiler and MsgFiler Engine? Which one do I need to use to do what the shareware version used to do? Thanks.

      ps. I’ve already paid the $4.99 off apple’s app site. But I just want the features the shareware version used to do and nothing more.

    1. No plans right now to make an iOS version. There’s less ability for developers to have access to the Mail app than there is on Mac OS X (i.e. via AppleScript).

  31. Ideally I’d rather that MsgFiler showed neither in the Dock nor as a status item, but I suspect that this contravenes Apple guidelines. If however the pref to Hide Dock Icon is unchecked, would it not be possible to hide the status item instead?

    And could the MsgFiler shortcut be made Mail-only? I don’t much like global shortcuts, where the functional scope is in fact very limited.

  32. Is there a way to have the focus go back to the next message to be processed once I have filed the message I am viewing? When I file a message the MsgFiler window goes away, but there is no message in focus in Mail when I return, meaning that I have to use the mouse/arrow key to select the next message to file.

    1. The best way to do this is to install the MsgFiler Engine and use that to file messages. The transfers will be much faster. Mail loses focus when you are at the bottom of a list or when you try to file a threaded group of emails.

      With MsgFiler Engine 1.0, do not activate the Keep Open When Filing preference in MsgFiler 3, as that will cause a crash. This is fixed in both MsgFiler Engine 1.0.1 and MsgFiler 3.0.1 (which is coming soon to the Mac App Store).

  33. I just noticed that if the messages are sorted by date, with the oldest on the bottom, and I’m filing from the bottom up the focus returns to the next message at the bottom of the list. When the messages are sorted by subject the focus does not return to any message.

    1. Sorry for the spam Adam…if the messages are sorted by subject and I’m at the bottom as opposed to the top, the focus returns…

  34. Does moving a message also mark it as “read”? It doesn’t seem to want to mark messages as read any longer.

  35. G’day Adam,

    I have found that MsgFiler 3 reduces my battery life quite significantly (2010 15i MBP). I used gfxCardStatus to discover that MsgFiler now invokes the discrete graphics card on the auto-switching MBP’s!

    I think that this means the app is linked to one the advanced graphic frameworks such as OpenGL or Core Graphics…. which is probably way more than the app needs!

  36. MsgFiler is currently consuming 1.27GB of my RAM (as high as 1.41GB yesterday) and I am watching the “Loading mailbox list…” icon spin and spin. Is there anything I can do to speed up this app? I have only actually filed a couple of emails because it is so slow…


    17″ MBP (Feb 11), 4GB RAM, Snow Leopard

    1. Excellent work in v3.0.1. Now, I am down to under 20MB of RAM and the performance is snappy.



  37. Filing messages doesn’t work for after my upgrade to the new version. I’ve set up MsgFiler Engine and set Label filed message to “None” and get the following log messaged when trying to move messages:

    09.03.11 9. Mrz 15:05:18 Mail[44352] ” is not a valid color.
    09.03.11 9. Mrz 15:05:18 Mail[44352] An exception was thrown during execution of an NSScriptCommand…

    When I set an appropiate color, MsgFiler sets the color but doesn’t move the mails to the chosen Mailbox. The console doesn’t show any clues on what is going on though.

    09.03.11 9. Mrz 15:08:31 Mail[44352] Mailbox: Archive/2011 Account: Acme

    Hopefully the 3.0.1 patches my problems and gets approved soon.

    1. Oliver – Are you by any chance running Lion? You’ll want to use 3.0.1, which is currently In Review on the App Store. You’ll also want to use the MsgFiler Engine for filing, as Mail on Lion has changed slightly.

  38. And just like that. 20 minutes and 2 Emails later my problem was solved.

    Outstanding support! Day saved, filing continues…

    If just the Apple Approval process would be this quick!

  39. I purchased the application through the app store to support you on this nifty product. But to be honest, I actually use the much faster and easier to use plugin. It is too specialized as an application that must run all of the time.

    I recommend that you continue updating the plug in and make it an option as a direct download to anyone who buys the application through the app store as part of your offer.

  40. I recently purchased msgfiler, but when I try to file messages they do not move. I’ve checked settings and confirmed that the default action is “move”, and when I try to move the label color does change, but the actual mail messages does not move/file. I’ve also tried setting the color to “none”, but it made no difference. Please advise.

  41. I just updated to 3.0.1 and now when I launch the program, it just hangs, saying it is “Loading Mailboxes”. It’s been doing that for 20 minutes. I tried quitting and restarting msgfiler as well as mail, but nothing is working. Please help. Now that I have the program, I can’t live without it!

    1. We discovered the reason why Avi’s mailboxes were not loading. One of his account’s IMAP path prefix was ~/Mail and there was a mailbox named ~ in his mailbox list. This triggered a bug in MsgFiler preventing the loading of the mailboxes. The fix was to remove the ~ from the mailbox name.

  42. Adam,

    Just wanted to say “WOW!”…this 3.0.1 update has returned me to the speed and ease of use that msgFile 2.1 was.

    Amazing! Thanks for fixing all those little issues so quickly!!!

    I thought the $8 for the last version was the best money I’d ever spent. I’m just as enthusiastic about this version now!!!

  43. I had the plug in where the ‘please buy’ pop up keeps popping up … and just bought the $5 version from Apple, but the ‘please buy’ keeps popping up … and do I fix this?

  44. Just bought a new mac. How can I transfer my msgfiler license to the new machine? I have to give away the old one.

    1. Jean-Noël:

      Are you referring to the new Mac App Store version of MsgFiler or the original plugin version of MsgFiler?

      If the former, just re-purchase it from the MAS. It will know that you bought it already and let you download it again for free. If the latter, email me back and I’ll send you your license code again.

  45. I’m hoping MsgFiler can do something, though it doesn’t appear to. Can you confirm? I’m tired of Entourage, but I can’t do without its “After Sending, Move To…” action. I want to be able to file a copy of an outgoing message to a specific folder while the content is still fresh in my mind, not after the fact. I’ll move to Mail or Outlook in a heartbeat, if I can match this functionality. Am I lucky with MsgFiler?


  46. I’d buy it today if I didn’t have to go through the App store. I’ve owned Macs since the Plus, but one Apple product I absolutely cannot stand is iTunes.

    1. Larry:

      There is a current beta that you can try and test out. Although MsgFiler is exclusive to the Mac App Store right now, there are plans to make a version that’s separate. Stay tuned!

  47. Love this app. I am using the MSGFiler Engine for its speed with Gmail inboxes. But to turn it on in preferences turns off my ability to move selection up or down after filing. Any way to have both?

  48. Unfortunately, when the Engine is installed and enabled, filing and next message selection is handled by Mail. I’m not sure it’s possible to override this selection behavior from the Engine.

  49. I purchased and installed it from the App store, & use it on my MacPro book, but when my wife switches users in OS 10.6.7, your program opens in her mail account & wants her to either “try it” or enter her license number (which I don’t remember) I looked under the “About” box in the Apple menu, but it doesn’t show my license number. Do I need to purchase a separate license for her when we use the same machine?

  50. I like being able to navigate within the MsgFiler window, without having to switch back to the main mail window. However, one thing I haven’t been able to figure out how to do without switching to the mail window is deleting an email. Hitting the delete key just clears the search box at the top of the MsgFiler window, and CMD-delete doesn’t seem to do the trick either (like CMD- up or down arrow navigates). I even tried to type “trash” as the folder name to move the email to the trash, but that is not a recognized folder name. I could create my own “garbage” folder as a holding area to clean up later, but that seems like an odd step to have to take.

    Is there currently some keystroke (or other simple method) to do this?

    1. Bruce – Check the preference Keep Open After Filing to make the MsgFiler window stay open after performing a filing operation. You will also want to change the shortcut key to either (1) focus between MsgFiler and Mail or (2) Open MsgFiler. These prefs are all in MsgFiler’s Preferences (command-comma when in MsgFiler).

  51. Feedback on MsgFiler 3.0.2b1 – it doesn’t find mailboxes that are in offline accounts.

    This is a must-have as I use the laptop offline on the train which is ideal for working on my email, filing is a significant part of that.

    MsgFiler 2 doesn’t have this limitation.

    1. Peter – Will take a look at this for a future version of the app/engine. It will likely only be available through the app/engine combo, since MsgFiler 3 by itself doesn’t have access to offline accounts.

  52. Message filer doesn’t always show me the mailboxes it should. Sometimes it says e.g. “2 mailbox matches”, but there are none on the list.

  53. I’m using MsgFile 3.0.1

    I’ve read the posts about “undo” but when I return to MsgFiler, Undo is greyed out. So how does Undo really work?

    1. Undo is handled as follows:

      1) if you are using the MsgFiler Engine to file messages, undo is handled by Mail. This is because Mail is the app doing the filing. 

      2) If you are not using the Engine, MsgFiler itself handles undo. Up to 25 messages can be undo’ed at a time. Most people only file messages one at a time, so this won’t be a problem. 

  54. I relabelled an external IMAP mailbox folder (from OldName to NewName) and now MsgFiler can not find the new folder NewName. It still lists the old folder OldName which cannot be accessed. I’ve restarted mail, synchronized the mailbox – still no dice. MailActOn can see the new folder NewName just fine; it’s only MsgFiler that can not. I’d rather not have to rebuild just to get a folder name updated, assuming that might work. Any other suggestions?

    1. Replying to myself…. Received a really speedy response from Adam. Thanks! Use “Reload Mailboxes” in the MsgFiler menu. There is a shortcut as well. Perfect! Love MsgFiler!

  55. Suggestion: It would be nice if there were a simple way, when filing a message, to ALSO mark it as Read. I turn off the automatic Mark as Read after n seconds because often I want to leave the message showing Unread until I do something with it. But when I file a message I am usually DONE with it and want it to be marked read. As it is now, I have to remember to do Cmd-Shift-U before filing.

    1. This may come back with a future version of the Engine (it used to be a feature of the 2.x mail plugin).

      BTW, the implementation via AppleScript to mark messages as read is very slow, which is why I left it out of the MsgFiler 3 release.

  56. Hi…I am interested in your software…does it also work with sent mail? If so, does it keep sent mail separate from received me or just dump it all in the same assigned folder? Is there a way to link sent mail and a received response? Thanks…

    1. MsgFiler does not automatically file sent mail. You would have to file sent messages manually like you do with received messages.

  57. Every time I open mail the columns width on msgfiler are restored to default.
    I have msgfiler for a long time and it didn’t happen before, but now after formating my mac on a new hard drive it is not working.
    Can someone help me? I’m using msgfiler mail plugin 2.1.0.

  58. As of the most recent Mac System Update, I can no longer file messages. I tried looking for updates to MsgFiler and found the new beta, which has allowed me to file once more, but what will I do after May 1?

  59. Hi Adam,

    I had installed the beta prior to the new app being released on the Mac App Store. Even though I dragged it to the trash from the Applications folder and emptied, the Mac App Store still won’t let me install the new version (it says a newer version is already installed). Any suggestions?

  60. Try rebuilding your LaunchServices database by running the following command in the Terminal application (located in your /Applications/Utilities folder). Copy and paste the text below and press Enter/Return. Wait until the command is finished before trying to purchase MsgFiler from the App Store:

    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

  61. Hi Adam,

    Is there an upper limit to the number of messages that can be moved at once? I’m trying to move a couple hundred messages at a time without success. MsgFiler acts like it has executed the command successfully, but the messages still appear in the source mailbox but not in the target mailbox (but they get the label color applied).

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  62. There shouldn’t be an upper-limit, but you should be aware of the following:

    1) If you use the MsgFIler Engine to file messages, they should be filed almost instantly.

    2) If you are filing to local mailboxes without using the engine, they should file quickly.

    3) If you are filing to remote mailboxes without the engine, they should take much longer. The messages will eventually be moved.

    4) MsgFiler 3 currently does not work on Lion when not using the Engine. Install the Engine if you want to use MsgFiler 3 on Dev Preview 3 of Lion or before.

  63. Hi Adam – I’ve used MsgFiler plugin for a long time Today after installing version 3.0.2 I found that the undo command does not work after filing a message. Instead the undo command undoes the action that was done prior to message filing. This causes a problem to locate an incorrectly filed message, or when a prior action gets undone when that is not wanted. Is there a setting that can enable the correct behavior of the undo command? Thanks.

    1. If you are using the Engine, undo happens in Mail. If you are not using the Engine, undo is handled from within the MsgFiler application.

  64. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve now installed the Engine and the undo is now working within Mail.

    1. Hello again — sorry to report I’m having a new difficulty. With the Engine doing the filing, there is a delay of several seconds after hitting enter and the message filing completion. During that time, there is a spinning beachball. The undo works fine, but this delay is new. If I turn off the Engine, then the messages are filed quickly again. This is all with local mailboxes and POP accounts. (I do have one IMAP account, but the delay happens even when I de-activate the IMAP account so it is offline, and do not use any of its folders or messages.)

  65. There should be no delay with the Engine. Make sure you are using MsgFiler 3.0.2 and the latest version of the Engine 1.0.3. Also restart Mail just in case.

  66. OK,… I tested it again after quitting and restarting Mail. The delay of several seconds is still happening when using the Engine. There is no delay when I uncheck the “Use Engine” checkbox. I verified the versions, they are MsgFiler 3.0.2 and Engine 1.0.3. This is on a Mac Pro, 8G RAM, OS X 10.6.6.

  67. Initially the hot key did not work, but it is because your program differentiates between number keys and number keys on the keypad…. You should point this out in the documentation.

    A feature request. I really like the ability to label messages by color, but it is clunky to click on the action menu, the label submenu, and finally the color. Can this be made easier, or hotkey-able?

    Thanks for great product.

  68. I tried the plugin version, and I was reasonably happy, but there were a couple of small things that I thought could improve the whole thing before I decide to buy it:

    1. Have a separate short cut to open a mailbox with msgfiler than the one you have for filing mails. Now you do both via Cmd-9, folder name, Enter to file or Cmd-9, folder name, Cmd-O to open the mailbox. It would be more intuitive (I think) if you had a different short cut for opening the other mailbox, such as Cmd-8, folder name, Enter. I ended up many times filing mails in folders when I really wanted to open the folder.

    2. It would speed things up a lot if when you choose to file a mail, Msgfiler would offer as first option the folder with the username of the sender. Then you would just press Cmd-9, Enter, without having to start typing the name of the folder, unless you want to file it in a different folder. This could be a settings option, in case other users prefer the current method. (Or some other users may prefer to save mails on the basis of the full name of the sender… don’t know)

    I believe these 2 features would encourage me to buy the app :^)

    I looked quickly, and I don’t see these things in the new version. Sorry if I missed that.

    1. With MsgFiler 3, you can set the Enter key to do nothing. Which will force you to press the correct shortcut to file to or open a mailbox.

      Because people file in many different ways (unique mailbox names, usernames, full emails of sender, etc.), I don’t have plans to add specific functionality support for one of them.

      Instead, I was would rather add more intelligence before filing (lookup of previous mailboxes filed for instance). But that’s something that’s on the requested feature list, not currently on the next product update roadmap.

  69. I have two mail accounts: Gmail and an Exchange account. MsgFiler 3 works fine with Gmail, but it doesn’t seem to know that the Exchange account is there; it doesn’t work at all with Exchange.

  70. When I create a new mailbox within an existing mailbox I notice that it does not show in alphabetical order – like it would do if I did it through Apple Mail. Is there a preference I need to change in the program?

    Thanks for designing such a fantastic and functional piece of software. Managing my inbound/outbound is such a pleasure now.

    1. Don – Not at the moment. You’ll have to quit and restart Mail/MsgFiler in order for the mailbox to appear in the proper order. I hope to have this fixed in a future version of the app.

  71. how can i re-order my favourites?
    searched the website and cant see how to do it.
    saw one reference to ‘pinning’ but couldnt see how to do that either.

  72. Right now favorites are ordered in alphabetical order. One way to get around this is to prefix the favorite with a number 0-9.

    1. thanks for tip adam, will do as workround.
      hopefully this will be addressed in future update?

  73. Hi, I am using 10.5.8 operating system and wanted to use the msg filer. Is there any way I could use it.


  74. If you have upgraded to Lion, please review the Known Issues and Status section above for important information regarding MsgFiler 3 and Lion.

  75. I am seeing MsgFiler hang after I choose filing (i.e click Move), this is after installing MsgFiler Engine. It does not completely hang, but it takes approx 30 sec to file, even for one message.

    I also see CPU load % fof 80 for PluginProcess.

    1. We resolved the problem after killing the Spotlight mds process, which was taking up all of the disk and CPU cycles on Kurtis’ computer.

  76. Just upgraded to Lion; had existing MsgFiler 3.0.4. Filing a single message (not multiple ones) is now, mostly, very slow – about 2 seconds.

    I have very few (say 30) folders, but many messages (say 80,000), on a very fast, recent Macbook Pro with SSD and lots of resources available.

    1. @Paolo – This is a bug in Lion Mail, which I explain in more detail in the Known Issues section and in this blog post.

      Solutions are twofold: (1) Wait for Apple to fix the bug or (2) install the MsgFiler Engine.

  77. @Adam – I only see an issue documented (and blogged about) which causes MsgFiler to “file multiple messages more slowly”. Perhaps it should be described more broadly, then, as affecting _all_ message filing, not just multiple message filing. Unless I’m misunderstanding what “multiple” means.

  78. Hi Adam, great job on this little utility. I can’t imagine life without it.

    I am still using the plugin, and would like to upgrade to the app version. The one feature I can’t do without, however, is “mark as read” which I understand is not yet available in the app. Do you have a timeline for when it would be supported in the app version?


    1. This will likely come with via a future update to the MsgFiler Engine and the MsgFiler 3 application. I would like to get it in the next version of MsgFiler 3 that supports Lion’s new security framework (entitlements and the such). Probably sometime in November.

  79. I’m new to MsgFiler and loving it – it was the one big thing that was missing from Mail for me. However one minor annoyance – I’m using an Exchange account and I can’t navigate to my Inbox or Sent Items. They show in the MsgFiler list, but when I navigate to them they’re just empty.

    I think it’s trying to specifically navigate to the Inbox and Sent Items folders in the Exchange account rather than in Mail itself. And Mail doesn’t show those folders separately.

    There are no entries in MsgFinder for Inbox and Sent Items “On My Mac” (and I’m not limiting MsgFinder to any particular account).

  80. Jamie – What are the correct mailboxes in Mail (left-hand mailbox pane) that does show your Exchange Inbox and Sent items. Can you send me a screenshot to support (at)

  81. Hi Adam!
    I finally upgraded to Snow Leopard (from the dark ages), and now I’m wondering how I upgrade MsgFiler. Do I need to repurchase, or is my current license still good. Great app!

  82. Hi Adam!
    All I have is MsgFiler 2.0.3. Do I only need to download MsgFiler Engine 1.0.6, or what is my next step?
    Thanks for your help!

  83. for some reason i can no longer create new mailboxes by right clicking and clicking on create new mailbox icon . any help?

  84. MsgFiler gets stuck and won’t go away if my internet connection is interrupted. It stays on top of all other windows with a spinning beach ball until the connection comes back. I live on a boat and use my cell phone for internet. This happens all the time.

    1. I would select all the messages and adjust the label (in Lion mail). If you are on Snow Leopard, you can use MsgFiler to re-label messages (look in the action/gear menu).

  85. lion won’t let me clear the label. looks like it’s making it a “flag,” but even when i hit “clear flag,” the green “label” persists.

  86. Hi Adam – on 10.7.2 and with 3.0.4 of MsgFiler – the recall of folders is still slow, much slower than in the old days with the plugin. Any suggestions?

  87. Ok, one more question. Is there a way to disable Accounts like the Mailbox visibility?
    I have a Archiv-Account and want to move all Mails only in Mailboxes on this Account, so I need not to see the others… 🙂

    Great work – I love the MsgFiler!

    1. Alex – there’s no way to disable an account at the moment. Maybe in the future. Also, I responded to you via email regarding the labels, but I’ll respond to everyone else here.

      Lion mail supports the Snow Leopard labels, but it also has support for colored message flags. A future version of MsgFiler will use flags if running on Lion, labels otherwise.

  88. After a recent upgrade of OSX lion, mail disabled MsgFiler with the following message:

    “Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 5.2 and Message 5.2.”

    Is there a new version that is compatible with mail 5.2?

  89. Do you have any benchmarking for how MsgFiler 3 with Msg Filer Enginer 3.0.8 is supposed to perform compared to the old 2.x version?

    If feels much slower to me (e.g. 3-10 seconds to file a message vs “instant”).

    I’m running Lion 10.7.2.

    Is there anyway you could provide an updated version of the “old approach” to people who had bought through the app store? Is this an issue of Apple’s restrictions on how software is allowed to access the system making it impossible to have version 3 be as fast as version 2 was?

    1. Steven:

      MsgFiler 3 + Engine should be a fraction of a second slower than MsgFiler 2. Make sure that the Use Engine preference is checked in MsgFiler Preferences / Filing. If it’s still taking 3-10 seconds, there’s a problem.

      The old plugin is still available here:

      MsgFiler 3 by itself is slower than the original plugin because it uses AppleScript to communicate with Mail. When using the Engine, MsgFiler 3 is able to access Mail’s standard routines for filing messages.

    1. Darrin – Re-install the Engine again, and it will work. OS X upgrades disable all plugins, regardless of whether or not they are compatible. You can also try moving the plugin from the Bundles (Disabled) folder back into the Bundles folder in ~/Library/Mail/

  90. Thanks Adam – re-installing left the plugin in the right folder, although my short cut did not work – removing the new one, and dragging the disabled one back did the trick . . .

    1. Randy:

      Not at the current time. I have an updating forthcoming regarding MsgFiler 3 on Mountain Lion. Some changes have been made with affect the application, unfortunately 😦

  91. Using MsgFiler 3.0.4 and just got a Lion machine. MF seems to file all messages in a grouped thread when invoked, as opposed to just a single message selected within a thread. Is that expected behavior? Not the end of the world but would be nice to be able to file those messages within a thread that don’t need attention, and retain only those that do.

    1. Bob – This is a result of selecting the entire conversation as opposed to an individual item within a conversation. Both methods for filing are supported, but if you want to file just one message within a conversation (thread), select it from within the message detail pane.

  92. Hmm – I tried selecting one message in a thread (becomes outlined in blue) and then invoking MsgFiler – it filed both messages in the thread…

    1. Bob – Are you sure the other message in the thread didn’t get re-sorted in the message list based on its timestamp? I just tested filing one message in a thread, and it worked for me.

  93. No – it continues to file all messages in a thread. Just to make sure it’s clear what I’m doing – I click on a thread in the middle column. Right column shows all messages in the thread. I select one of the messages and it outlines in blue. I hit command-9, type some letters, arrow down to pick the right match and hit return, and all the messages in the thread get filed.

    1. I think I know the problem. If you’re not using the MsgFiler Engine (, filing will result in all the messages being filed instead of the selected one. If you install and activate the Engine, however, it will only file the selected message. I don’t think there’s a way around this without using the Engine.

  94. I think I may have made a mistake. It seems the inbox shows all messages in a thread even if most of them have already been filed. So it looks like you have 6 messages in the thread in your inbox, but you really only have one. File the latest one and suddenly the whole thread seems to disappear.

    I will try the engine anyway though – thanks!

  95. I have a suggest that I think would even further improve the use of msgfiler. It would be great if you could provide a method to pass selected text into the msgfiler search function. For example, say have an e-mail that contains the text EPSN in the message text. Highlight the text, press the HotKey to launch MsgFiler, and pass the “ESPN” text in the search field, and return the results. Then I could just hit enter to select the top match folder, and I’m done. Saves having to type the search field, or cut and paste it. I would use this function several times every day.

  96. Hello,

    First I love your product and have been using it for years! I don’t know how to send a private question without using this section.

    I just migrated to Lion and I’m trying to get it to work with Mail. It keeps hanging – tried everything to make it work. I have the app and not the plugin. I’m more than happy to pay for the plugin, but I just paid for the app and it feel like I’d rather have the plugin. Please advise if I can do that. Thanks for your help!

  97. I guess I’m just not getting it.
    What’s the difference between Msgfiler and Apple mail smart mallboxes?
    I bought this thinking it was somehow different.
    Could someone exlain this to me..

    1. MsgFiler is for people who like to file their messages quickly into real mailboxes in OS X Mail. Smart Mailboxes are filter based, whereas MagFiler works on the mailbox organization that you’ve set. There are customers with hundreds or thousand of mailboxes that use the app to keep their mail organized by client, project, etc.

  98. Hi, this product was disabled by Mail after my upgrade to Mountain Lion yesterday. Can we have an updated version to work with Mountain Lion?

  99. After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I recently upgraded to msgfiler 3.1 and engine 1.1. Filing to my Exchange folders is extremely fast, but now filing to my Gmail IMAP folders is abysmally slow (once I select a mailbox, nothing happens for about 5-10 seconds, then I get a spinning beach ball, then it files). This happens for both single and multiple messages. I have confirmed that the engine is installed properly and that the checkbox to use it is checked.

  100. Running this command from Terminal (requires admin access) clears dynamic linked libraries and have been shown to fix some instances of MsgFiler slowdowns.

    sudo update_dyld_shared_cache -root / -force

    Quit and restart Mail/MsgFiler before running this command. Then, relaunch both and see if that helps things.

  101. Adam,

    Can’t find an email address to send this to…
    I’ve been loving MsgFiler for over a year, but now it’s asking me for my license after I upgraded it for Mountain Lion and I seem to have misplaced it. Can you resend it to me? Thanks a heap (bought June 7, 2011, iTunes).

    1. If you bought it via iTunes, you should just have to enter your iTunes account and password to re-download the app. If you were using the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin, that requires a license key, but it appears like you bought it from the App Store.

  102. I bought the software today and installed it on a freshly installed 10.8 system. I also installed the message engine and it’s still super slow. Every action takes seconds, always displaying the colored ball. It isn’t usable like this. Any hints beside the ones on this website? Otherwise I’d prefer to get my money back :-/

  103. Hi, I am using MsgFiler 3.1 on Mountain Lion. Apparently it doesn’t find the “Archive” mailbox. I have two IMAP accounts and both have their “Archive” mailbox. When I file with MsgFiler it only finds one “Archive”. I know about the option to limit searches only to the actual account – that’s not it.
    It used to work on Lion with the same IMAP accounts.

  104. I’ve just got a new machine and installed MSGFiler on it.

    It’s very slow and I can see this in the console …

    13/08/2012 15:04:54.280 sandboxd[1397]: ([1395]) MsgFiler(1395) deny file-write-data /Applications/

    Could that be the cause?

    1. Adrian – Have you installed the Engine plugin? The sandbox error is an Apple bug and shouldn’t be related to the slowdown. Are you also on Lion or Mountain Lion?

    2. On 10.8.2, with MsgFiler Engine installed, a pair of console messages like these appears during every system startup:

      Jan 19 08:03:48 aura.local sandboxd[271] ([328]): MsgFiler(328) deny file-write-data /Applications/
      Jan 19 08:03:49 aura.local sandboxd[271] ([328]): MsgFiler(328) deny file-write-data /Applications/

      The app seems to work normally but I’m still curious exactly what’s being denied.

    3. You can ignore those sandboxd errors. I had asked some Apple engineers at WWDC about it, and they said that it was more a bug in sandboxd than anything I was doing.

    1. No, the engine is installed correctly. Activate it from within MsgFiler’s Preferences > Filing > Use Engine to file messages.

      If it’s greyed out, turn on Enable access for assistive devices in System Preferences > Universal Access.

      Note: the requirement for assistive access to be turned on will be removed in MsgFiler 3.1.1.

  105. Hi. Am using the latest version of MsgFiler and the engine yet when I file a message, Mail does not select the next message in the list. Any thoughts?

    1. I am having same issue as user bli. I have tried checking and unchecking the box to enable the Engine and have verified that I am running the latest versions of both components. This is a small feature but one that I notice when it’s not working. Thanks!

  106. What appears to be happening is that MsgFiler 3 is not properly communicating with the Engine. When it detects such a problem, it defaults to the old, slower AppleScript method of filing.

    As I have yet to isolate the source of this problem, my recommendation right now is to use the original MsgFiler mail plugin at

    It will correctly handle selection of the next message in the list.

    1. The original MsgFiler plugin should automatically select the next message. Make sure you’re using that and not MsgFiler 3 + Engine.

  107. I am seeing the same slowness under Moutain Lion on every filing action. Let me know if there is any data I can provide you with to help debug it!

  108. For those experiencing slow filing with MsgFiler 3.1 and the Engine 1.1.x, is your IMAP Path Prefix setting set to anything but blank (i.e. INBOX) ?

  109. Hi,

    Got a dialog box today – 9.20.12 – telling me that MsgFiler plugins are now incompatible with Mail and has been disabled.

    I purchased MsgFiler on 5.27.12 and now unable to use. Please advise on plans for your update so that I can resume use.

  110. Upgraded to 10.7.5 and Mail disabled MsgFiler as incompatible. I believe the OS update also updated Mail to: Version 5.3 (1283).

  111. RE: New release.
    Great – Thanks. I really like this product and appreciate your efforts to keep pace with all the changes Apple is throwing at developers these days.

  112. I can’t get the APP store to download the MsgFiler update. what is with this.. really is a pain..
    I have 10.6.8 system. latest email.. not ready for Leopard as yet.. But missing my MsgFiler!

    Please advise why APp

  113. Hi Adam – I reinstalled MsgFiler due to a disk crash and a new intermittent problem has appeared.

    Around half the time, there is a delay when toggling to the MsgFiler window — the window appears but is non-responsive with a spinning beachball for as much as 5-30 seconds. After that, it works normally again.

    Prior to re-installing, this delay was not happening — it was virtually instant to toggle to MsgFiler and begin entering the mailbox name.

    System & versions:

    OS X 10.6.8
    MsgFiler 3.0.5
    MsgFiler Engine

    Thanks for checking this out.

  114. On OSX 10.8.2, just installed the Apple Store update, and it is agonizingly slow!!!! Tried adding the appropriate engine (1.1.2), but no improvement! I can see the menu item in Mail’s message menu.

    Only thing I didn’t do was enter the Terminal default param changes, since you didn’t say how to see their current settings, or how to set them back to normal if it didn’t work. But I assume that since I see the MsgFiler menu item, they are already set from a previous install. Bad assumption?

    Anyway, it takes at least 10-15 seconds to file a single message now.

    1. My solution (thanks, Adam!) was to actually quit MsgFiler (from its Quit menu, under the gear in the MsgFiler window), not just close it. Then restart MsgFiler (in the Applications folder). Probably an artifact of how the App Store does its update.

      All is fine and back to normal speed now.

      p.s. To clarify my mistaken post below, I am now at:
      MsgFiler 3.1.1
      Engine 1.1.2

  115. Thanks for a GREAT app – cant live without it!

    Just reinstalled OSX 10.8.2 and msg-filer as well.

    When I file an email using the shortcut > write the first letters in the folder name > pressing enter…

    …the mail gets filed as it should but the is no longer “selected” or the next mail in line – im sure it was like that before.

    Otherwise I have to press arrow down to select the next message – if its in the middle of my mails it jumps to the top 😦

    Hope you can help me 🙂

  116. I fixed this now – I did install the Engine but needed to activate it in the settings 😦

    Everything is great now!!!!

  117. I’ve got msgfiler installed on Mountain Lion 10.8.2 (2012 mac mini). It works fine generally, but I’d like command 9 to bring the software up after I’ve restarted the system. Right now I need to go to launchpad and manually launch it after a restart. Once it’s launched command 9 works fine to bring it up, but it’s the initial time after system restart that it doesn’t work. What’s going on?

    1. I would add MsgFiler to your Login Items, so that it re-launches automatically upon restart. Previous versions of MsgFiler had this ability, but Mountain Lion changed the way startup items are handled, and I haven’t gotten around to adding that feature back in. Manually adding MsgFiler to your Login Items will do the trick.

  118. I got a problem with the “New Malbox…” function. I want to create the subfolder “Folder2” under “Folder1”. When I use the function the end-result is “Folder1/Folder1/Folder2”.

    The problem is that the full path is prefixed to the name of the new subfolder. This happens everytime for both IMAP and Exchange.

    I’m running MsgFiler 3.1.1 and Engine 1.1.2 with Mail v6.3 (build 1503, but same problem on earlier builds). Note that this has never worked as expected for me.

  119. I am pretty pissed about the $10 i just spent. What is the point of the app exactly? It is not what you say it is. Someone is actually commented that ” i cant live without it”. Really? Can i please get my money back?

  120. Hi, just upgraded Lion to Mountain Lion and MsgFiler 3.1 to 3.11 but when I filed one message there is NONE selected (instead of next one before) and cmd-up/down doesn’t work anymore.

    Looked in all settings but cannot find anything.

    This way the whole use of MsgFiler is gone, I cannot believe that this is normal behavior, there must be a setting I didn’t find…

  121. Hi. I’m a long time user, and mostly very happy. One thing that bugs me though: the lack of learning.

    For instance, I have two folders: Personal and Property. Now, as you can imagine, I would never start typing “per” to get to Property – I would only every use it to get to Personal. Nonetheless, MsgFiler will often select Property when I type “per”.

    When does it do this? Under a variety of circumstances, I think. But a simple way is: I file something to Property (based on whatever keystrokes, but excluding “per” of course). Next, I type “per” – and it completes to Property instead of Personal.

    1. Can you elaborate? The bundle file is basically a folder. You should just be able to drag it into the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/ folder.

  122. I am also having issues. Just tried to install the engine and it’s not showing up in the messages drop down.

  123. Mac recently did an OS update to address various issues of stability, etc. Seems like MsgFiler got whacked in the process – at least mine. It no longer works. Tried re-installing a few times, but it won’t let me checkmark the “Use MsgFiler Engine..” but it says it’s not installed, even though I downloaded it, copied it to the Library/Mail folder, and ran the terminal scripts… Any ideas? Macbook Air OSx 10.8.4

  124. updated today. It disabled MsgFiler Engine in the process (“Incompatible Plug-ins Disabled”), forcing me to install the latest Engine (1.1.3). But now it’s unusably slow.

    I have restarted everything – no better. MsgFiler itself is at version 3.1.1.

  125. I have an odd problem – Msgfiler 3.1.1 opens and appears twice in the dock on boot. Quitting one instance quits both. Reopening manually (double-click on app in Applications folder or dock icon) only opens one instance. Behavior is the same whether “Use Msgfiler engine…” is turned on or off. Has anyone experienced this behavior? How do I correct it? Thanks!

    1. Check your Login Items to make sure you don’t have an extra copy of MsgFiler lying around that’s being opened. Only once instance should be running at any time. Do a search on your computer for and remove ones other than the one in your Applications folder.

  126. On the docs page ( it says:

    “Here you can set MsgFiler to start automatically on system startup. This ensures that MsgFiler is running when you open and use Mail. Learn more about launching MsgFiler at startup »”

    MsgFiler does not auto-start for me (OS X 10.8.4) and I cannot find a setting to turn this on, and the link at the end (which references a page anchor named #startup) does not lead anywhere.

    Please advise and/or fix. Thanks!

    1. Just found your suggestion further up on this page here to add MsgFiler to the login items, so I know what to do now. Please do still fix the docs.


  127. the beta 3 version of the engine gets disabled with preview 5 of Mavericks. Not a complaint by any stretch, but wanted to let you know. Thank you for all you hard work on this fantastic piece of software!!

  128. I realised just how dependent I had become when I when into a panic when I saw 10.8.5 had disabled msgfiler. I’ll be checking back constantly looking for the fix.

  129. Thank you for an amazing piece of software. I use MsgFiler 100’s of times a day. Looking forward to the updated engine for Mail 6.6.

  130. Awesome! I also came here in a panic after updating to 10.8.5. Like Pete, I use it 100’s a time per day and don’t know what I would do without it.

    Terrific software, incredible support!

    1. As an FYI, OS X Mavericks will require a new version of the Engine and Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin. I have betas of the two plugins on the site now. Once Mavericks is released, I’ll have the final versions of both plugins available.

  131. Is bought your app and i do not know how how su it
    I there a phone i can call to ask how to implement

    I am not that computer literate


    Jimmy vaughan

    1. Joe – unfortunately, this is beyond the scope of the MsgFiler 3 application. It’s possible from within a Mail plugin, but it’s not on the roadmap.

    1. I just installed the MailTags 4 beta (10/30/13 version), and MsgFiler appears to work fine for me. What is the exact problem that you’re experiencing?

  132. Hi Adam. I’ve been using MSGFiler for a week. I can’t say enough good things about it. This app, in spite of the somewhat cumbersome workaround installation, has improved the quality of my LIFE tremendously by cutting my email time exponentially. I would argue that I “get through” my daily email in about 1.4 of the time that it previously took me to do so. Thanks for a great product!

  133. Hello
    after updating to Mavericks I installed
    – Terminal actions √
    – tried 1.1.5 and 1.1.6b1,
    – MsgFiler is 3.1.2
    – “MsgFiler Engine” is not shown in “Message” menu
    MsgFiler can be started, but shows no mailboxes, title is still “MsgFiler”

    What to do now?

    Thanks – Wolfgang

    1. Is the Bundles folder spelled with a Capital B or a lowercase b?

      Do you see anything in the /Utilities/ log regarding “Mail” ? Any errors?

      What happens if you move the MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle folder to the root /Library/Mail/Bundles/ folder? Does that make the Engine work?

      I’ve been seeing cases where MsgFiler Engine doesn’t get activated properly under Mavericks. If you continue to have problems, we may need to do a screenshare to diagnose the problem.

  134. Hi Adam,

    Just did the mail update on Mavericks and the msgfiler plugin no longer works; I’ve tried the terminal commands, etc. but Mail keeps disabling it. Will there be an update soon?

  135. Hi, I believe your blog mayy be having wweb browser compatibility issues.
    Whenever I look at your site in Safari, iit looks fine however when opening in Intrnet
    Explorer, it has some overlapping issues. I just wanted to give you
    a quick heads up! Apat from that, fantastic website!

  136. Undo don’t work anymore when I use MsgFiler – any idea on how to bring it back?

    (The “Use MsgFiler Engine to file messages” checkbox is greyed out in the preferences but MsgFiler isn’t listed under the system setting for Accessibilty, so I can’t disable the MsgFiler Engine as with earlier versions. I’m totally stuck on this issue.)

    I have Mavericks 10.9, MsgFiler 3.1.2 and MsgFiler Engine 1.1.6.

    1. MsgFiler 3.1.2 no longer needs to be listed under Accessibility for it to work with the Engine (which is automatically enabled if you’re running 3.1.2 and 1.1.6).

      When you say Undo doesn’t work, does it cause the message to reappear and then disappear? Or do you get a beep sound and nothing happens?

  137. I’ve bought the MsgFiler some time ago. Today I’ve applied 5.9.1 update, and receive that plugin is disabled. I download both the new plugin and engine and install them. Now when I use the plugin, it complains that I have to buy it. But it is already bought and shows in purchased app in my MAS.

  138. Also just installed OSX 10.9.1 update. Includes update of Mail to7.1. Launching Mail, I see:

    Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:

    MsgFiler Engine

    Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 7.1 and Message 7.1.

    Will a compatible version of MsgFiler be available soon?


  139. Hey – I removed MSG Filer as I saw that there was a significant delay in delivery of email google app based accounts.

    I am trying to be thorough in the removal, I’ve removed the bundle but want to know if I need to rerun any terminal commands to reset the values that were set when I was installing the app.

    Please advise, thanks!

  140. I’m running OS X 10.9.1 (13B42).

    Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:
    Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 7.1 and Message 7.1.

    How to run MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin?

    1. I’m seeing the same issue in 10.9.2 (with Mail 7.2), get the same message. However, MsgFiler works and I see MsgFiler Engine 1.1.8 at the bottom of the Message menu. Any idea what’s going on here?

      1. Brett – Make sure there isn’t a version of the bundle in the root Library folder (i.e. /Library/Mail/Bundles). It should be in your user Library folder (~/Library/Mail/Bundles), although for some users, it only works when in the root Library.

  141. Using OS 10.10.2 and Filer + Engine (latest versions): When I file a message it often momentarily reappears and then disappears, which messes up moving on to the next message for filing. I used to be able to solve this problem by doing my filing “offline”, but now the reappearing occurs even when offline. Any thoughts?

    1. This is a new “feature” of Yosemite Mail apparently, and I don’t have an immediate solution. This also happens if you manually file via Mail’s Move To Mailbox command in the Message menu. Best thing to do is wait a short time for the message to disappear for good before filing.

    1. Does not look like this is possible. The folder attributes for notes are read only via AppleScript (in Yosemite). Things may change in El Capitan. We’ll see!

  142. Been having a load of problems recently with Mail freezing on launch, showing an empty message preview for any emails I select, and the only solution seems to be to either delete the Mail Envelope files in ~/Library/Mail/V2/MailData and the Mail Container and then restarting Mail.

    As a test I tried instead just disabling the MsgFiler mail bundle and this issue doesn’t arise.

    Any other users experiencing this?

  143. Hi

    When I type “V”, intending to file to “Various”, the first search result is always “Personal/Invoices”. This happens even though I’ve been filing messages this way for 5 years, and even though I never file any messages to Personal/Invoices after typing V[something].

    Is there not a simple bit of learning that could be added to make this work substantially better? I can’t tell you how many years it has frustrated me that, no matter how many times I do the same thing over and over (type V, always ends up going to Various), it never learns, and I always have to type several characters to match the desired folder.



    1. Paolo – I’d love to add more intelligence to the app, but I just don’t have the time to do it. There are two things you can try in the meantime:

      1) Add Personal/Invoices to your excluded mailboxes list. Does Various then become the top search result?

      2) Add Various to your favorites list. Favorite mailboxes are given priority in the search

      1. Hi Adam

        That’s a pity. I guess you have a small user base. It’s a critical app for me on OS X – I would likely have to change mail clients if I didn’t have Msgfiler.

        For (1): I do file things to Personal/Invoices, I just don’t do it by typing “V” – I do it by typing “I”[nvoices] – so I don’t want to exclude it.

        I don’t find (2) very useful: you can only have so many favourites. I have lots of folders, and I file to the all at some point in time. It’s quicker to type a few more characters, than to select something from a list of alternatives with the arrow keys. But admittedly it does work ok for a single, favourite folder – if I make the folder I absolutely use the most of all my only favourite, that does help somewhat.



  144. I am running Yosemite but will upgrade to El Capitan as soon as I have a block of time (to upgrade all the stuff that will suddenly stop working!).

    So I’m running Mail 8.2, with MsgFiler 3.1.4 + Engine. My email account is on a Google server.

    Just last week, started using Smart Mailboxes to help my work flow. But discovering that I’m getting erratic behaviour. Trying to move a group of emails definitely doesn’t work. But moving them singly sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.

    Any thoughts?

    1. MsgFiler does not support filing messages into Smart Mailboxes. Can you outline what kind of Smart Mailboxes you are filing single messages to that works off and on? I will try to reproduce to see what might be happening.

      1. Thanks Adam. I’m trying to file messages from Smart Mailboxes (which, as I’m sure you know, aren’t mailboxes at all, but act like tags, according to Rules that the user can set). All of the emails that I’m trying to file are in the Inbox.

  145. Any updates on filing FROM Smart Mailboxes?? Mostly it doesn’t work to file messages from Smart Mailboxes.

  146. Peter – No update on my end, unfortunately. I’m using Mail’s built-in routines to file messages (via the plugin or engine), so it’s going to do what Mail’s routines do. I’ve seen some messages disappear then reappear and some messages get files as expected.

  147. I have some issues with the latest version (after upgrading to Sierra) – It says “An uncaught exception was raised”

    1. Some more details

      Exception Name: NSInvalidArgumentException
      Description: -[NSWeakObjectValue moveMessage:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x6080004207e0
      User Info: (null)

      0 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff9c80e52b __exceptionPreprocess + 171
      1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x00007fffb0ee6cad objc_exception_throw + 48
      2 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff9c88fd34 -[NSObject(NSObject) doesNotRecognizeSelector:] + 132
      3 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff9c780bf5 ___forwarding___ + 1061
      4 CoreFoundation 0x00007fff9c780748 _CF_forwarding_prep_0 + 120
      5 AppKit 0x00007fff9ac8b7ec -[NSWindow(NSEventRouting) _reallySendEvent:isDelayedEvent:] + 4086
      6 AppKit 0x00007fff9ac8a42a -[NSWindow(NSEventRouting) sendEvent:] + 541
      7 AppKit 0x00007fff9ab2ba1c -[NSApplication(NSEvent) sendEvent:] + 4768
      8 Mail 0x000000010d0e34c9 Mail + 234697
      9 AppKit 0x00007fff9a411009 -[NSApplication run] + 1002
      10 AppKit 0x00007fff9a3dba8a NSApplicationMain + 1237
      11 libdyld.dylib 0x00007fffb17c4255 start + 1
      12 ??? 0x0000000000000001 0x0 + 1

  148. I have loved MsgFiler for years, and have even survived it not working for several months at a time due to upgrade problems. Today I upgraded my Mac to Sierra 10.12.1 and got the message “MsgFiler Engine will always be disabled in versions of OSX greater than 10.12


    1. I hadn’t seen that particular error before. There is a prompt that says that Mail plugins will be disabled, but not always. Whenever macOS (or OS X) disables Mail plugins like the Engine, you can download the latest version here: I have tested it on 10.12.1 and 1.2.9 of the Engine is working as expected.

      1. Thank you, Adam. I had basically given up on Engine. Then I got an email that said there was a new version 1.3.0 so I downloaded that and installed it. can’t seem to attach screen shots here, but I get a pop-up There is at least one mail plugin that is not compatible with the current version of OSX. If I close that there is another pop-up behind it that has the MsgFiler Engine logo on it and it says “MsgFiler Engine will always disabled in versions of OS X greater than 10.12” (grammatical mistake in original)

        by the way I am running OS X 10.12.2

        I love MsgFiler so much I am willing to live without Engine but oh it was so much greater when it did!

  149. I’m still on El Cap (10.11.6) and using the latest versions of MsgFiler and engine (3.1.4, 1.2.9). Whenever I start Mail up, I get the dialog that incompatible mail plugins (Engine 1.2.9) will be disabled, yet when I check the bundles folder, MsgFiler clearly isn’t disabled and MsgFiler works just fine. Any idea why I’m getting this dialog? This doesn’t happen on my iMac with the same OS and MsgFiler versions.

    1. Might you have a version of MsgFiler that’s located in your root Library’s Bundles folder? /Library/Mail/Bundles? Instead of your user directory?

      1. That was it! Didn’t realize that was still there. Deleted and now dialog is gone. Must have installed for all users at some point in the past.

  150. Adam, I’m having a problem where messages still appear in the inbox even after I file them. The inbox only resets if I quit and restart Mail. I’m on an air running 10.12.3 and msgfiler 3.1.4 with updated engine.

    1. How long do you wait to see if the message disappears again and is filed? Are you filing to Gmail, Exchange, On My Mac, or iCloud? Does it happen with all mailboxes or certain ones? Have you tried rebuilding the mailbox?

  151. I just upgraded to Sierra (yes, I know I’m a bit slow!) but now every time I start up I get the Mail Plugin Manger telling me that my “MsgFiler Engine is not compatible with OS X since version 10.12. Please update the plugin.” However, I’ve got the latest version of Engine 3.1.4 and it’s working fine. Any way to get rid of the annoying message??

    BTW, a GREAT app! Saves me SO much time!!

      1. Thanks Adam…all good now. (I also had to upgrade to MacOS 10.12.4 for the Mail Plugin Manager to stop telling me it was incompatible.)

  152. Do you have plans to do a similar product for notes? This would be super helpful. If such product already exists, please let us know.

  153. Hello Adam,

    thank you as well for your great app/plug-in.

    I just updated to Mojave (10.14) and latest MsgFiler Engine 1.3.3 (49).

    Everything works, but after every start of Mac Mail I get a message: “The installed version of MsgFiler Engine has not been compatible with OS X since version 10.12.4. Please update the plugin.”

    I also use the MsgFiler App in version 3.1.4.

    Anything I am missing?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    40668 messages filed 🙂

    1. Looks like you might have a copy of a MsgFiler plugin in your root Library folder. Look in /Library/Mail/Bundles and move any MsgFiler related folders out. Then, restart Mail.

      1. Hello Adam,

        Thank you for the fast response. Indeed, that was the problem. Thank you!
        (Stupid me, it says even in the instructions to put it in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles, not sure how I missed that 😦 )

        Thanks again and have a great week!


        P.S. Mojave Dark Theme support would be great 🙂

  154. I’m trying to get Engine working on a new Mac mini running Mojave. My other Mojave system works fine (although that was an upgrade from High Sierra).

    I’ve done the “defaults …” commands and placed the engine in ~/Library/Mail/Bundles/, but my Mail Preferences dialog doesn’t show the “Manage Plug-Ins…” button at all. Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

    Thanks for this product — I couldn’t live without it!

    1. I’m working on a proper installer for MsgFiler. In the meantime, to get the Manage Plug-Ins button to appear, try this:

      1) Install another Mail plugin like It has an uninstaller, so you can run the uninstall right after installing. It does something that enables the Manage Plug-Ins button to appear.

      2) Enable MsgFiler Engine in Manage Plug-ins

      3) Make sure that MsgFiler can control your computer in System Preferences > Security > Privacy. You’ll have to enable this in two places: Automation and Accessibility.

      Let me know if that works.

  155. Hello Adam,

    Thanks for the great plugin for Mail (if it weren’t for MsgFiler I wouldn’t be able to maintain a semi-sane Inbox)!

    I have installed macOS Catalina, MsgFile doesn’t display any mailbox…

    Are you planning to support Catalina? (answer yes, please!)

    If I can be of any assistance to you on testing, please let me know.



      1. Catalina has made significant changes to Mail. I’m still working to see if the Engine can be upgraded for Catalina. The Original MsgFiler Plugin has a pre-release version that works on Catalina if you want to test it out. Send me an email for more info.

  156. Hello Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t yet able to look into the original plugin as I haven’t ever used it.

    What are the differences and will it be the solution forward instead of plugin plus engine?



    1. Still working on the Engine plugin; I think I have one more thing to figure out with Catalina. Otherwise, it will be back to the Original Plugin, which has all of the filing features, but lacks the folder creation, recents, and excluded mailboxes features of MsgFiler 3.

      1. Hi Adam – as you test out Catalina version of MsgFiler, can you PLEASE consider adding in a keyboard shortcut that allows you to Go To Mailbox? So the sequence would be: type the keyboard to bring up MsgFiler, then type a few letters in the name of the folder, down arrow to choose the specific folder, and then (drum roll please) either hit enter to file the message OR to Go to that Mailbox.

        Thank you!!

      2. Adam – suggestion / question. Can I create a mailbox using MsgFiler? So if type in a folder name, and the folder does not exist, can I use MsgFiler to create a mailbox with that name? If not then this would be fantastic as a feature.

        I don’t know how people live without MsgFiler quite honestly…

      3. There is a way to create new mailboxes, although you have to navigate to the parent mailbox or create a root mailbox. Look in the gear icon of MsgFiler to see the new mailbox creation commands.


  157. It’s only in MsgFiler 3. The Original Mail Plugin doesn’t offer mailbox creation. You can bind a keyboard shortcut to the New Mailbox command in Mail from System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts.

    1. Yes that’s a workaround. It doesn’t create a folder in the right place and with the desired name (you have to type that in) but it’s a decent workaround.

  158. Hi Adam – The Original MsgFiler Plugin has a pre-release version that works on Catalina if you want to test it out. Send me an email for more info. Please send this to me as soon as possible. Thanks!

  159. Adam,
    I gather the version of the Original MsgFiler Plugin on your website is not the ‘pre-release’ version you refer to in this thread? (I downloaded that version, but Catalina still dislikes it). Can you point me to the pre-release version?
    Many thanks!

  160. Betas are out now for MsgFiler Engine 2.4.0 and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin 2.4.0 with macOS Catalina support. Let me know if you encounter any problems with them.

    1. Hello Adam,

      I have tested MsgFiler 1.4.0 with Mail 13.0 (3594.4.19) and was able to list and move messages, open and create mailbox and it all seems OK to me.

      Will keep on using and get back if I find something worth reporting.



  161. There is no manage plug-ins tab in Mac Catalina. Still can’t get msgfiler to work in Catalina after upgrading the OS

    1. Do you do a clean install? If so, you may need to run some terminal commands to get it to appear again. Did you try the ones listed in the Support page? If not, I’d recommend download a mail plugin that comes with a dedicated installer, such as (you can uninstall it after it runs its commands). That should bring the Manage Plug-ins button to Mail.

  162. Help! I see from reading the above that for Catalina you are suggesting 2.4 and Engine 2.4. But I am currently using MsgFiler 3.1. Should I delete 3 and install the others?

    I am a huge fan of MsgFiler and have been using it for years. Thank you for creating it!

    1. No, MsgFiler 3 is the app from the Mac App Store. It works with the Engine 2.4 plugin to run on Catalina. You’ll want to keep MsgFiler 3.1.4 and install Engine 2.4.

  163. Hello I have been running your software for a while and love it! I see that the software was updated to Monterey 12.3 but was it updated to Monterey 12.4? I just upgraded and I can’t seem to get the pluging to work? I keep getting a message of “Incompatible Plug-ins Disabled” and it won’t run. Am I doing something wrong?

    I am running:
    – Monterey 12.4
    – MsgFiler Engine 1.6.2
    – MsgFiler 3.1.4

    Please help.

    1. I would try reinstalling the current version of the Engine, 1.6.2 and restarting your Mac. Then, go into Mail > Preferences > Manage Plug-Ins, check the MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle, and Restart Mail. It should work again. We’ll have to do this again once macOS Ventura comes out.

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