MessageFont Support


MessageFont used to be available from the Mac App Store. Unfortunately, due to changes in OS X Lion and Mountain Lion, the app’s functionality became more limited. As a result, support has been discontinued for the application.

Please read the documentation, known issues list and troubleshooting section before asking your question in the comments below.

Known Issues

  • Changing reply/forward label in Lion no longer works: Known issue with Mail on Lion. Bug filed with Apple Radar. It’s something Apple needs to fix.
  • Cannot forward multiple selected messages: MessageFont only supports forwarding one message at a time.
  • New, Reply and Forward buttons or menus do not work with MessageFont: MessageFont only works with the keyboard shortcuts to create new messages, replies and forwards in Mail. One workaround is to use the insert and replace shortcuts to convert your reply text before sending.
  • The Mail preference for including only selected text in replies and forwards is not respected: Known issue with AppleScript’s implementation of the reply and forward commands, which MessageFont uses to create new outgoing messages.
  • MessageFont works partially with MailTabs: Known issue. New replies and forwards will appear in separate windows instead of in tabs when using MailTabs. New messages will appear properly in tabs.
  • MessageFont window does not come to the foreground on initial launch: Enabling Hide Dock icon prevents the application from appearing in the foreground at initial launch.


Pressing the keyboard shortcuts in Mail shows the standard new, reply and forward windows.
Solution: Make sure Enable MessageFont for new messages is checked.

The reply/forward label font doesn’t get replaced. The text MessageFont_formatted_text is displayed above or below it.
Solution: Adjust the Compensate for space following signature preference.

Pressing the keyboard shortcuts in Mail results in a beep and nothing more.
Solution: Quit and relaunch MessageFont.

Occasionally, I press the shortcut for reply, forward or new, and MessageFont comes to the foreground, displays an error and disables the shortcuts.
Known issue that we’re looking into at the moment. It might be due to the app not being able to “find” the currently selected message via AppleScript.
I am running the MsgFiler 2.x Mail Plugin. Pressing the New, Reply or Forward message shortcuts causes MessageFont to display an error and disable the shortcuts.
Workaround: This is a known issue. Make sure the MsgFiler 2.x window is closed before pressing the keyboard shortcuts.

Version History

  • Version 1.0 – Initial release (April, 2011)