Betalogue Reviews MsgFiler

Pierre from Betalogue reviewed MsgFIler last month. He’s written about MsgFiler in the past. He covers some of the initial bumps that often come with a major redesign of any application.

However, much to Adam Tow’s credit, I must say that, within a week of the initial release, all of the problems were solved. Adam fixed the bugs that I had encountered, and explained what I needed to do to regain the ability to undo. It was stellar service and I was quite impressed.

The article also has a good discussion on the pros and cons of moving the app to be exclusive on the Mac App Store. There have been several requests to have a non-Mac App Store version of the app, but there is currently no timetable for its release at the moment.

MsgFiler Receives 4.5 Mice on Macworld

Dan Frakes of Macworld recently reviewed MsgFiler 3, giving a 4.5 mice rating! Check out his signature quote from the review:

MsgFiler is the fastest way to move, copy, and label messages in Mail. It also offers useful features for navigating and managing mailboxes.

You can also read his review of MsgFiler 2 from 2008.