MsgFiler Engine 1.1.7 and Original MsgFiler Plugin 2.2.2 Released

New versions of MsgFiler Engine 1.1.7 and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin 2.2.2 have been released. These bring support for OS X 10.9.1, which was released earlier today.

It is common for OS X updates to disable your Mail plugins. To get back fast-filing performance with MsgFiler 3, simply:

  1. Download the latest version of the plugin.
  2. Decompress the ZIP archive.
  3. Double-click on the disk image file.
  4. Go to the Finder.
  5. Hold the option-key down and click on the Go menu.
  6. Choose Library.
  7. Navigate to the ~/Library/Mail/Bundles folder.
  8. Drag the MsgFilerEngine.mailbundle or MsgFilerPlugIn.mailbundle folder into the Bundles folder.
  9. Quit and relaunch Mail.

Verify that the plugin is active by clicking on the Message menu:

  • MsgFiler Engine: A menu item labelled “MsgFiler Engine 1.1.7” will appear at the bottom of the Message menu.
  • Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin: A menu item labelled “Move with MsgFiler” will appear at the bottom of the Message menu.

Mail Update for Mavericks

Apple released its Mail Update for Mavericks on November 7, 2013. The update “improves stability and compatibility with Gmail, and includes fixes for users with custom Gmail settings.”

MsgFiler 3 owners will want to install MsgFiler Engine 1.1.6 to continue enjoying fast filing performance.

Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin owners will need to install version 2.2.1.

Whenever Apple releases an update to OS X or Mail, Mail plugins such as MsgFiler are routinely disabled. We usually have, however, either a beta or a new version of the MsgFiler Engine and Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin available. So, if you receive an error from Mail that one of the plugins have been disabled, visit the support pages to download the latest versions.

Filed Messages Keep Reappearing in the Original Mailbox under OS X Mavericks?

OS X Mavericks changed the way it handles Google Mail accounts. Power users who have hidden the All Mail folder from appearing in Mail (via Google Mail’s Settings > Label) are experiencing the strange bug where messages are reappearing in the original mailbox after filing.

The solution is to show the All Mail folder in IMAP

Show All Mail Folder in IMAP - Gmail

Checking this box will cause OS X Mail to download all your Mail again, a process which can take a long time if you have a lot of email. It’s the only known workaround at this point to make filing work properly, whether you are using MsgFiler to file messages or drag and drop in Mail.

MsgFiler 3.1.2 Now Available

MsgFiler 3.1.2 was released to the App Store. There are three notable changes:

  1. Compatibility fixes. We resolved an error that was prevent MsgFiler from running on OS X Mavericks.
  2. MsgFiler Engine is now automatically activated in MsgFiler 3 if the OS X Mail plugin is installed. In previous versions of MsgFiler 3, the user had to manually re-activate the use of the MsgFiler Engine plugin in Preferences > Filing if the plugin were somehow disabled by OS X Mail (i.e. an OS update).
  3. Keep MsgFiler Open After Filing is now the default. Apple’s App Store review team rejected our MsgFiler submission unless this preference was changed. For optimal performance, we suggest unchecking this preference so that MsgFiler hides itself after filing a message. The preference is in MsgFiler Preferences > Filing.

In addition to MsgFiler 3.1.2, beta versions of the MsgFiler Engine and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin are now available. These plugins are necessary if you wish to use MsgFiler on OS X Mavericks.

MsgFiler 3.1.1 Released

MsgFiler 3.1.1 is now available from the Mac App Store. This version of MsgFiler now requires OS X Mountain Lion. It fixes the problem where messages are filed slowly even when using the MsgFiler Engine.

Users of MsgFiler on Snow Leopard and Lion are encouraged to download and use either MsgFiler 3.0.4 (the last version from the App Store for Lion and Snow Leopard) or MsgFiler 3.0.5. Engine users should use MsgFiler Engine, for the best possible performance.

MsgFiler 3.1 and MsgFiler Engine 1.1 Released

MsgFiler 3.1 has been approved by Apple and will be appearing soon for registered users in the Updates pane in the Mac App Store application. The MsgFiler Engine 1.1 Mail Plugin is required for use with MsgFiler 3.1.

The release of OS X Mountain Lion has resulted in a number of changes to MsgFiler. Due to the Mac App Store’s sandbox requirements for applications, a number of features are temporarily or no longer available in MsgFiler 3, including:

  • Ability to set MsgFiler to launch at login from the application. Users will have to manually add MsgFiler to their Login Items. This ability will be added in a future version of MsgFiler 3.
  • Certain Keyboard shortcuts to control Mail from within MsgFiler are no longer available when using MsgFiler 3 on Mountain Lion. These shortcuts included the ability to select next/previous messages, open/close threads, and delete selected messages in Mail while in the MsgFiler application. They are still available for users running MsgFiler 3 on Snow Leopard and on Lion when using the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin.
  • If you are not using the MsgFiler Engine, the ability to select the next/previous Mail message has been disabled in MsgFiler running on Lion and Mountain Lion. Install the MsgFiler Engine, and this problem goes away.
  • Undo/Redo filing support with MsgFiler + Engine is currently unavailable. I’m looking into the root of the problem, as the underlying filing code hasn’t changed in the Engine.

MsgFiler 3 was previously relying on its ability to communicate with the System Events application in order to send keystrokes and commands to the Mail application. Since MsgFiler is now only able to communicate with the Mail application, these features unfortunately had to be removed.

Coming Soon: Mountain Lion Support

Early adopters of Mountain Lion will have noticed that MsgFiler 3 (with the Engine) doesn’t work on the upcoming release of OS X. Fear not, as a new release of MsgFiler and the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin are coming soon.

Update July 25, 2012: Mountain Lion has been released, but unfortunately, MsgFiler is still in the “waiting for review” stage in the Mac App Store.