MsgFiler 3.1 and MsgFiler Engine 1.1 Released

MsgFiler 3.1 has been approved by Apple and will be appearing soon for registered users in the Updates pane in the Mac App Store application. The MsgFiler Engine 1.1 Mail Plugin is required for use with MsgFiler 3.1.

The release of OS X Mountain Lion has resulted in a number of changes to MsgFiler. Due to the Mac App Store’s sandbox requirements for applications, a number of features are temporarily or no longer available in MsgFiler 3, including:

  • Ability to set MsgFiler to launch at login from the application. Users will have to manually add MsgFiler to their Login Items. This ability will be added in a future version of MsgFiler 3.
  • Certain Keyboard shortcuts to control Mail from within MsgFiler are no longer available when using MsgFiler 3 on Mountain Lion. These shortcuts included the ability to select next/previous messages, open/close threads, and delete selected messages in Mail while in the MsgFiler application. They are still available for users running MsgFiler 3 on Snow Leopard and on Lion when using the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin.
  • If you are not using the MsgFiler Engine, the ability to select the next/previous Mail message has been disabled in MsgFiler running on Lion and Mountain Lion. Install the MsgFiler Engine, and this problem goes away.
  • Undo/Redo filing support with MsgFiler + Engine is currently unavailable. I’m looking into the root of the problem, as the underlying filing code hasn’t changed in the Engine.

MsgFiler 3 was previously relying on its ability to communicate with the System Events application in order to send keystrokes and commands to the Mail application. Since MsgFiler is now only able to communicate with the Mail application, these features unfortunately had to be removed.



  1. I updated both MsgFiler and the engine. But I can’t get MsgFiler to move messages so that the move action appears in the Undo menu item. Is that functionality gone forever?

    1. It would appear so for the moment. I’ll look into why this is happening. The underlying code for the Engine filing method hasn’t changed, but maybe something in Mountain Lion did which is preventing Undo support.

  2. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to do this without using the Engine. My recommendation is to install and activate the Engine.

    The Sandbox restrictions prevent MsgFiler from talking to Mail (through the System Events app) to select the next/previous message (when not using the Engine).


  3. “Use Msgfiler Engine to file messages” is greyed out for me. I’ve installed it according to the instructions and am on Lion 10.7.4 Any ideas?

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