Coming Soon: Mountain Lion Support

Early adopters of Mountain Lion will have noticed that MsgFiler 3 (with the Engine) doesn’t work on the upcoming release of OS X. Fear not, as a new release of MsgFiler and the MsgFiler Engine Mail Plugin are coming soon.

Update July 25, 2012: Mountain Lion has been released, but unfortunately, MsgFiler is still in the “waiting for review” stage in the Mac App Store.



  1. Is the the plugin working in ML or do we have to wait for the update? Thanks, this is a really good app!

    1. Mountain Lion needs the upcoming MsgFiler 3.1 AND MsgFiler Engine 1.1 in order to work. I’m waiting for MsgFiler 3.1 to be approved by the Mac App Store before I release the new Engine. It’s been two weeks since I submitted it for approval.

  2. Thanks a lot – Msg Filer is for me the most useful tool in my everday work – thanks for the great tool

  3. hallo I have just bought the new release as a standalone app. I don’t like it and would much prefer the PLUGIN instead. When will it be available for Mountain Lion?

  4. MsgFiler (the app) v. 3.0.4 does work in 10.8, but it isn’t as quick as it was on 10.7 and without the MsgFiler engine, it doesn’t automatically re-index the folders, etc. It’s workable, but I sure do miss the speed and functionality of combining the MsgFiler application with the MsgFiler Engine.

  5. Have you given any thought towards pulling the app out of the Mac App Store and selling it using Digital River or something like that? Seems like it’s taking an awful long time for Apple to get around to approving it. Quite frankly, I’m growing tired of the App Store and Apple’s delays in approving updates.

    1. It’s a possibility, especially given some of the additional restrictions imposed on apps to get into the app store (i.e. Sandbox).

  6. Can you please at least update the original Mail plugin? I have updated to Mountain lion when it was released and I am waiting since then.

  7. Is it worth switching from v3.0.4 to the original plugin until Apple finally gets around to approving the 3.1 update?

  8. You can if you want, though you may miss some of the features in MsgFiler 3. I’ve resubmitted the app for Review to the App Store. Hopefully, it won’t be long until they review and approve it (had to make some changes at their request).

  9. Keep the faith ! I trust it is going to happen …. even though it’s quite long ! The good thing is that the plugin is working…. slow but working 🙂

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