MsgFiler on Mac OS X Lion

MsgFiler 3.0.4 brings OS X Lion compatibility, but there are two import caveats to keep in mind:

  1. There is a bug in Lion Mail, which causes MsgFiler to file multiple messages more slowly. The flip-side is that without this workaround, no messages would be filed. You can also install the MsgFiler Engine 1.0.4 plugin to get speedy filing on the next OS X release.
  2. If you are using MsgFiler Engine, you will need to re-install it again. Not re-installing it may result in hanging behavior between Mail and MsgFiler.

Questions, comments, and support, please leave a response on the Support page.



  1. HI,

    Mats here again,
    Now it works, it must have been my sticky scandinavian fingers that were doing something wrong.

    Because I can not imagine an efficient “mail-life” w/o MsgFiler, that is the simple truth ….

    I am so sorry that I gave a negative comment, it should have been the other way around from start!

    Best regards


  2. Hangs for even after installing MsgFiler Engine (Did not have it before). Does not matter if it’s one or more messages being filed.

  3. My problem with Lion is that Mail is in its own space and the Msgfiler window in on the desktop – so I’m having to jump back and forwards.

    1. This is a known issue with Lion Mail and MsgFiler when Mail is running in full-screen mode. I’m working on a fix for this.

    1. If you check “Hide Dock icon” in MsgFiler’s Preferences, you can use MsgFiler 3.0.4 when Mail is in full-screen mode.

  4. Any update on being able to run in full screen mode ? I am starting to really like full screen mode in the new MBA

  5. I have tried all the above and for a time MsgFiler works ok, then it hangs again and often Mail will hang for times between a few seconds to nearly an hour.

    Clearly something amiss, and we cant work like this. Going back to manually locating and drag and drop filling is wasting so much time.

    Help please!!

    1. Anthony – I tried sending you an email, but the email you entered bounced. Can you send an email to support (at) We can do an iChat screenshare to troubleshoot this problem and get MsgFiler back to being fast for you.

  6. Would greatly appreciate an update to MsgFiler. I just purchased from App store and installed on a fresh MBA. The app hangs every time. Single message, and situation is severe for multiple messages. Couple of times I had to Force Quit both Mail and MsgFiler to get back to working in mail. Not using the MsgFiler Engine at all, never installed it. Please help !!!

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