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MsgFiler is a keyboard-based email filing application for Apple Mail. Type to filter down the list of mailboxes and press return to file selected messages in Mail. Navigate, select, move and copy emails without ever lifting your hands off the keyboard.

With MsgFiler, you can say goodbye to dragging and dropping, sore wrists, and an overflowing inbox and say hello to more time.

macOS Monterey:MsgFiler Engine 1.6.1 and the Original MsgFiler Mail Plugin 2.6.1 plugin are now available for macOS Monterey users.


Click the screenshots above to see MsgFiler in action!


Product Video

This 60-second goes over the primary features and benefits of MsgFiler, demonstrating how you can save time over drag and drop filing of your messages in Apple Mail.



“This app has single-handedly saved me from tendonitis. Prior to using MsgFiler, I was suffering repetitive strain from filing all of my inbox messages by hand, literally, dragging each one down into its proper folder.”
— Raven Zachary

MsgFiler, an absolute must have add-on for users that file messages. Trust me, this puppy will save you serious time every day… I can’t imagine using without it.
Alex King, Crowd Favorite

“MsgFiler is a great utility. It helped me regain control of my email and implement an Inbox Zero strategy.”
— Scott Nesmith

“Dude, it’s brilliant. I started using it today and I already feel like it’s saving my life (and about a million minutes a day of drag-and-dropping).”
Meghan Wilker, Geek Girls Guide